Millbrook Skatepark – updates October 2022

Oct 16, 2022 | Skatepark Project

On Sunday 16th October 2022 Cllr Beadnall, a member of the Millbrook Steering Group committee Councillor Beadnall attended a meeting in the village hall.

This report, which is be presented to the Parish Council meeting to be held on 18th October 2022 details the Parish Council’s involvement, the formation of Millbrook Skatepark Project group and the work achieved to date.
Report from Millbrook Parish Clerk.

Click on the pages below for information on Millbrook Skatepark Project’s publicity, history of ramps installed in 2008 and the original skatepark back in in 1996.



  1. Fran Reilly

    Very excited at the prospect of an upgraded skate park. It will be a fantastic asset to the community and to our children. I have 3 young boys and see this project as incredibly beneficial for them.

    My sons love to ride their scooters here but are young and not at all confident so for them to have a safe space that is open and inclusive would be great.

    I hope that the new build would incorporate areas suitable for very young children or those new to skateboarding/scooters etc so they can safely play, practice and learn skills away from the older and more experienced users without fear of collisions or feeling in the way.

    Also to have areas where parents can safely assist and observe their young children without intruding on the older kids/adults too.

  2. Karenza Heald

    Questionnaire forms have been left in Millbrook Village Hall, during the weekly Millbrook Meet Up events. The initial proposals, which were presented to the Parish Council during the meeting held on Tuesday 27th September 2022.

    The question was asked are you in support of the proposals for Millbrook Skatepark?

    Here are some of the comments received:

    – Both my grandsons are delighted at the prospect of the new facility.
    – Very happy with the design – will certainly add to the park space. The metal ramps are not only noisy but dangerously hot in hot weather and slippy in the damp.
    – Fantastic project – it will be great for the children to have this space to use of creative exercise. Brilliant!
    – An upgrade is certainly needed.
    – Very outdated at present.
    – Will it serve beginers too?
    – This will be a perfect skate facility for beginers and advanced. Can’t wait to see it. Overdue.
    – Brilliant idea.
    – Absolutely! Such a wonderful resource for our children and well done on all the fundraising. I am looking forard to seeing the new skatepark and watching my grandchildren use it.

    Karenza Heald, Parish Clerk

  3. Joe Smale

    The BMX/skate scene has been a part of my life for nearly 25 years, growing up in SE Cornwall and having 3 sons who have and still enjoy cycling and skating I am fully supporting the Millbrook Skatepark Project,
    I have fond memories of fundraising for the first skatepark in Torpoint and riding the first skatepark in Millbrook, meeting new friends many who have become lifelong. Being taught new skills and expressing myself on wheels still makes me smile and watching the younger generations come through and being able to encourage and teach them is great.

    All the sports have progressed massively over the past few decades and the skateparks, boards, bikes and scooters have improved.
    This project will give the youth, their parents, grandparents and the older generations of skaters and riders a great place to enjoy for the next few decades.

    I have been active on social media and out and about day to day and the support from the community, businesses, the parish council, police and other organisations has been great!

    Well done to all involved in setting the project up and working so hard to make this happen!!


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