Old Parish Records

Our old Parish records are now available in digital format for everyone to see. From the 1800’s up to the 1970’s records were recorded by hand in large note in books. These books have been stored in the Clerk’s office for many years.  To preserve the content, MPC has had the books put into digital format.

It is interesting to see that things like rubbish, road safety, allotments and moorings have been on parish agendas many times before!

To view the ‘books’ click on the documents you wish to view below.

Please note, these are large files.  They could take a long time to download and be viewed on-screen.

Alternatively, you can download the PDFs on the Rame Heritage site and save them.

Document 1: Parish Council Minutes 1892 to 1912

Document 2: Parish Council Minutes 1920 to 1925

Document 3: Parish Council Minutes 1932 to 1937

Document 4: Parish Council Minutes 1939

Document 5: Parish Council Minutes 1939 to 1946

Document 6: Parish Council Minutes 1972 to 1979