Millbrook Skatepark Project


In addition to below publicity about the project has also been available on Millbrook Primary School's "Millbrook Matters" and local noticeboards.

Rame Centre Window display - September 2021

This poster was on display on public noticeboards and The Rame Centre window.
Representatives from Millbrook Skatepark Project group attended Millbrook Parish Council's community engagement event -

Dasson Magazine



Facebook Community Group page - "The Friends of Millbrook Skatepark"
The original admins were the Parish Clerk, Cllr Beadnall and Aaron Barratt.

The Millbrook Skatepark project group have hosted various fundraising events in which they consulted with the community.

Consultation is ongoing as the project progresses.



Local Support

  • Various local businesses across the Rame Peninsula
  • Millbrook Football Club
  • Millbrook Primary School



Skatepark Event September 2021
(funded by Millbrook Parish Council)