About Millbrook

Millbrook is located on the lovely Rame Peninsula, officially an area of outstanding natural beauty, in South East Cornwall to the west of the river Tamar and the great naval city of Plymouth.

The largest village in Cornwall

Our village, the largest in Cornwall, surrounded by hills and farmland, sits at the head of a tidal creek that flows into the Tamar which then forms the Hamoaze that widens into Plymouth Sound.

There has been a community here for many centuries, there are records of Millbrook men fighting at the battle of Crécy and the seige of Calais, our council can trace its roots to the time of Henry VIII but the village is much older.

Historic working community

Always a working community with a history of fishing, brick manufacturing, milling, leather tanning and a gunpowder works that spectacularly blew up in 1865,

Millbrook creek today is busy with a marina, private moorings, yacht repairs and boat building using both traditional and modern skills, Millbrook built craft, some costing millions, can be found all over the world.

From a peak in the early 1900’s our population dipped during the 20th century but is now on the rise again, the census of 2011 shows over 2200 people in around 1000 households, unlike some Cornish communities the great majority – well over 90% – are permanent residents, giving a great sense of community.

Three cafés and two pubs

We are fortunate in having a good range of facilities in the village, we have a supermarket, convenience store, a range of other shops, a  bi-weekly pop-up Post Office, a pharmacy and doctors surgery.

Millbrook primary school is well attended and the village hall plays host to many local activities. There is a motor repair garage in the village.

Millbrook amateur football club, founded in 1888 and located at Jenkins Park, boasts a floodlit football pitch and a licensed club house bar with a function room popular for functions and receptions of all kinds and hosts regular live music and entertainment.

Taking care of the parish

Millbrook parish council is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of a variety of public buildings and spaces, several car parks, gardens, the public toilets, the recreation grounds that are central to the community alongside the lake, formed as a flood defence and now a central part of our recreation area.

Raising funds

Over the last 15 years some £400,000.00 has been raised via grant funding by the council for such projects as a new skateboard park, rebuilt children’s play park and the regeneration of the lake area.

The future?

For several years councillors from Millbrook and the four other parishes in the Rame Peninsula have worked hard to complete our neighbourhood plan.

This plan, endorsed and accepted by Cotrnwall Council in the summer of 2018 forms a template for future development in the area for the next 20 years, covering such matters as housing, commercial development, infrastructure, energy and a great deal more.

The draft of the plan was published for consultation in the spring of 2016, offering residents the opportunity to comment and suggest amendments, the neighbourhood plan was overwhelmingly endorsed by our residents during this process.

Our local group of 5 parish councils was the first in Cornwall to work on a neighbourhood plan and the second in Cornwall to be accepted (after St Ives).

Challenging economic times

We live in challenging economic times and a lot of effort is put in by the council in getting the best we can from Cornwall Council, however with budget cuts likely to hit such services as maintenance of verges and hedgerows, clearing storm drains and road maintenance it is increasingly likely that Millbrook will have to become more self-reliant.

We Need Your Help!

We feel sure that the community will “step up to the plate” building on the example of the volunteer working parties (the Village Enhancement Team – the VET’s) that have been a feature of village life for the past seven years and are responsible for a massive reduction of litter, weeds, grime and the well-received floral displays that have enhanced the look of the village.

Millbrook Parish Council will continue to act as the voice of the village to the outside world, supporting local initiatives that benefit the community with the aim all the time of providing a clean, safe and attractive environment for our residents to enjoy, take pride in and thrive.