Traffic & transport community engagement

Jan 12, 2021 | Council News

In November 2020, Millbrook Parish Council operated a Community Engagement group page.

Polls included questions relating to traffic & transport issues.  Members were asked to respond to the polls and feed back their comments.

This report contains responses received on the page.

The following questions were asked:

Subject to available funds, resources, professional advice and feasibility, which of the following is your priority for addressing pedestrian safety and traffic and transport issues in the parish:

Priority for pedestrian safety and traffic & transport issues in the parish poll

Comments received relating to pedestrian safety and traffic and traffic issues in the parish

Following the recent presentation from the residents in West Street and their follow up consultation.   (A copy of the report is available on our Traffic & Transport Reports page).  What is your priority in respect of addressing pedestrian safety and traffic congestion issues in Hounster / Hill / top of West Street (The Narrows)..

Priority relating pedestrian safety and West Street / Hounster Hill issues poll

Comments relating to pedestrian safety and traffic issues in West Street / Housnter Hill (The Narrows)

Illegal and irresponsible parking in the village

Poll and comments received




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