Increasing inclusivity and understanding each other – Survey 1

Jun 10, 2021 | Community News

“I am doing my final project at uni and it is about representing all voices in the community and  I am hoping to ask a range of people from where we live a few questions and then create visual responses from these answers which will go in an exhibition to be shown in Millbrook in August! I was wondering whether I’d be able to ask you the questions? There are around 6 and you can write as much or as little as you want!”

Eleanor Belton

What does your community mean to you?


What is your favourite thing about the community?


What is your least favourite thing?


Please respond to the questions by adding your comments. 

The comments will be published for Eleanor to view.




  1. Lyvinia

    What does your community mean to you? It’s very important and is why I don’t want to live anywhere else.

    What is your favourite thing about the community? Mutual support from a diverse range of people of all ages; a shared love of the area; creativity; that young people live here (unlike some other coastal areas that are mostly populated by retired people).

    What is your least favourite thing? Gentrification and second homes; high housing costs and a lack of affordable housing

  2. Tracey

    The local community are such a diverse group of people, I love being a part of it
    My favourite thing is having a small business in the middle of it and feeling a part of the village
    Least favourite is a hard one, I think it is probably the amount of 2nd homes, as that leads to a lack of homes for locals


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