Proposed resurfacing scheme for Southdown Roundabout

Jun 18, 2021 | Community News, Council News

The Council has received notification from Cormac Surfacing regarding a proposed resurfacing scheme for Southdown  roundabout with a few additional areas along Southdown Road.

To complete this work Cormac would need a complete closure of the roundabout. This obviously means severely restricting access to 400+ houses, the football club & the marina.

Please see the map below.



The latest information the Parish Council has received (as at 18th June 2021) are that:

  • The black areas (shown in the above map) are the sections that will need to be carried out as night time closures, with the blue under day time closure/long delays.
  • Cormac anticipate it the works will take three nights & four days and they will be looking to carry out the work late September.
  • Cormac will be sending letters to  all affected residents a minimum of two weeks in advance of the works.


  1. Karenza Heald

    Cormac’s Surfacing Programmer has advised the noisiest operations will finish at 11pm but work may carry on until around 2am depending on progress. A factsheet is currently being produced. As soon as that is available it will be published on the Council’s website and facebnook page.

  2. Gillian! How will peops get to and from Their homes? Emergency services etc! Complete closures! Appreciate works Need to be carried out .. it’s a bloody long walk for some who live beyond the closures and work unsociable hours!!!

  3. bryony Anne Voyzey

    I agree with above comments. Will there be provision for us to get to and from work and school runs? Also the school bus will maybe need alternative times and pick ups?

  4. Carmen simons

    I’m a little worried as we do weird shifts at work and come home anytime between 12 am and 3 am we do long shifts of between 12 to 14 hours and would really need to get home also where would we leave our cars as there are no parking spaces down in millbrook

  5. Gary bradshaw

    Night work ?? How come they can do it here and not on the saltash bridge ? This is closer to houses surely
    And any access for people who leave the house at or around 0500?

  6. Courtney Bradshaw

    So what does this mean for bus services going up this road? And for people who live here? Can we drive down the road while work taking place? Will bus services still run as people rely on this for work? Or we need a date to book time off work if it’s completely shut and we rely on bus service’s

    • Karenza Heald

      Hello Courtney
      Cormac realise this will have a massive affect on the people who live and work in the area, hence why they have commenced early engagement. The Parish Council will be updated regarding the bus service and as soon as we have this information we will publicise it.

  7. Jan Ryder

    There needs to be some access for the residents, it cannot be a complete road closure as people need to get to and from work and children will need to get the school bus.
    There are also deliveries to residents, not least essential grocery deliveries which have to be booked well in advance to secure a delivery slot!
    I accept the road needs resurfacing but I hope there will be access with a traffic light system in place


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