Millbrook Parish Council funding commitment: Full Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 19th September 2023

Sep 25, 2023 | Community News, Council News, Skatepark Project

Decision from the Parish Council meeting held on 19th September 2023

Minute 79. Millbrook Skatepark Project (A.I.8)

Please see page 2 of the Parish Council (draft) minutes from the meeting held on 19th September 2023 relating to Millbrook Parish Council’s commitment for the Millbrook Skatepark Project.

We are aiming to have the new skatepark installed early in next year!!!

Congratulations Millbrook Skatepark Project team! You have worked so hard to have achieved all that you have so far. Millbrook Parish Council applaud your efforts, and are excited to see this project progress!



  1. Mike Wood, Deputy Lieutenant Cornwall

    In particular the youngsters who live in Millbrook and on the wider Rame Peninsula thoroughly deserve this new and exciting facility. It will undoubtedly enhance their well-being, sense of community as well as provide something to be proud of in the area where they live.
    Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to the Project Team and Parish Council for their vision, leadership and hard work.

  2. Lara

    Such a fantastic feeling to be involved in the improvement of this incredible local resource, that will benefit not only my kids and their friends, but for generations to come. We feel so lucky to have had the support of the community in making this opportunity come to fruition. Can’t wait to see it being put to good use.

  3. Kris Field

    Congratulations to all involved! Wonderful to see this coming to Millbrook and after so much hard work. Really positive for the community!

  4. Sadie Seymour

    Fantastic work Millbrook parish council and all involved from our community. Well done lots of hard work going into this project and it’s great to see

  5. shea

    As a young person who would be using the skatepark regularly i’m excited for this to happen.

  6. Yazmin Barrett

    Great job everyone involved & great to have a new space for the young (& not so young!)

  7. Tim

    The decision to build a new park will positively impact the lives of so many, young and old. Thank you to all involved!

  8. Ruby Floyd

    grown up at millbrook skatepark and has a great community. Would be amazing to see it built to its full potential and see the younger generation get a lot more out of it

  9. Cllr Kate Ewert

    Absolutely brilliant result, down in huge part to the commitment and dedication of the Skatepark Project crew. Well done all involved, I couldn’t be more proud!

  10. Ann Lewis

    Brilliant facility for our young people….and older ones! Well done Millbrook parish council and everyone involved in this project.

  11. Jackie Robinson

    Well done to the parish council and all the organisers , parents involved going above and beyond fundraising, planning , meetings etc . Such a wonderful achievement.
    It’s fantastic to see the community working together to make it happen.
    Having a skatepark in our community will be a real asset to all.

    • Thorpe

      Really exciting the local youngsters- awesome work by everyone involved.

      Might even get myself a skateboard!

  12. Ruth Belton

    An amazing achievement by all involved. I have been inspired by the commitment and drive by all involved. This will be a fantastic asset for not just the village but other communities. Well done everyone1

    • Jed

      Amazing result after lots of hard work by Millbrook Parish Council and our brilliant community. A great asset for our area. Well done all.

  13. Andrew Mitchell

    Amazing project everyone has done awesome. I’m Proud to have been a part at the initial stages. Those who have been involved to get it to where it is now have done an incredible job. Still can not believe we will have a maverick park in millbrook soon unbelievable. Well done everyone.

  14. Jim

    Great project for the village and surrounding area,m. Good luck getting it off the ground

  15. Karen Holland

    This is going to be such a great asset to the village. Well done to all involved.

    • Ben Tamblin

      Well done everyone on all the hard work and time spent to have such an amazing new asset for Millbrook.

  16. John Weale, Chair, MwR Parish Council

    Maker with Rame (MwR) Parish Council and community support this great project and congratulate the project team on what they have achieved. Well done. The Skate Park will be a tremendous attraction for the Peninsula and reflects the collaborative engagement that we all support.

  17. Alice Trethewey

    This is such a great example of a community project and it’s great to see the continued support of the Parish Council towards it. I am excited to see how the park will be used by so many people in the community and the hope for different elements that will encourage more girls to use it too. Well done to the whole project team.

  18. Erin

    Very excited for a new skate park – we took up roller skating during the lockdowns and it made a huge difference to our wellbeing to have outdoor space to use. Would be great to have something fresh for the community for future generations as well as us who just want to enjoy being active outdoors!

  19. Mark

    This will be great for the area! Can’t wait to use it

  20. Joss Bellamy

    Awesome can’t wait to come and skate it. Such a great thing for the community. Great work to all involved.

  21. Martina Biquard

    I fully support this fantastic project! Can’t wait to visit and see all the great benefits it will bring to the community! Well done everyone! Almost there!

  22. Carolyn May

    This project will have a major, positive, impact on the youth of the area. The Parish Council and Project Group are to be commended for their tenacity in raising the monumental sum required to bring the project to fruition. Well done – a fantastic achievement.

  23. Vicki

    As manager of the village preschool, it’s lovely to see the parish council and community working together for the benefit of the younger community.

  24. Rachel Girdlestone

    I fully support the funding of this skate park for our community, it will be such a great attraction for our village. Skating is good for people of many ages and brings communities together in an out door environment. Amazing work from all the people involved in gaining the funding for this project

  25. Sue Appleton

    I am delighted to see the Parish Council supporting this exciting SkatePark project.
    Millbrook needs recreational facilities the whole village can feel proud of and the young people of the Rame Peninsula deserve this investment.

  26. Anouska Tetley

    An updated skatepark is a must In our village. It will bring inward investment and give our kids another great facility. Well done to all who have worked on this.

  27. Frances Brennan

    I am delighted that MPC is supporting the new skatepark. I was chair when we funded the original one and it’s great to have a sports facility for all ages but particularly young people in our village

  28. Alex

    Great thing happening here, very much needed in the village. Well done.

  29. Kelly Stone

    The support from the parish council, local businesses, adults and children of the Peninsula has been a joy to behold. What a great place we are lucky to live in and for our children to grown up it. The new and improved skatepark will bring visitors from far and wide putting Millbrook firmly on the skating map.

    • Jake Burns

      Skateboarding has always been a massive part of my life, leading me to make some of the best friends and memories I could ask for, and it is all thanks to Millbrook skatepark being there as a space I could use nearly every other weekend for the past decade. A new skatepark will help bring a new lease of life to the space and will benefit both the newer and older generations alike. Well done to everyone involved in this project

  30. Kathy Fox

    It’s brilliant the skate park is moving forward, the kids of Millbrook will benefit so much. Fantastic achievement

  31. Gemma Suter

    This is such an amazing opportunity for our children and community. Keep up the good work

  32. Michael Suter

    Brilliant work to everyone involved with this highly needed asset to the community. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication. Can’t wait to take a ride.

  33. Ursula Stevenson

    I can’t believe how far this project has come. It’s so exciting to think that this time next year, we could have a new skatepark and will put Millbrook on the Cornwall/ Devon skate safari map. Skating is so important to our children, great exercise and social activity, and I have always been so impressed what a great culture skating promotes – how skaters, young and old, really help each other out at the skatepark.

  34. Steve Watson

    This is a great project that will massively benefit the local community. The team has done a great job by raising the funds. I fully support this extra funding to help get the project over the line.

    • Martha Treasure

      This will be a fantastic project for the children of Millbrook and a much needed resource.

  35. Jon De La Haye

    This is a brilliant achievement and a great project that will benefit the area and whole community.

  36. Joe Trethewey

    I 100% support the project. The previous skatepark was well used, despite its design and age. The new design and concrete construction will be unimaginably better for all users; skateboarders, bmxers, scooter riders and spectators, as well as for the village as a whole. Skateboarding sometimes gets a bad press but having been a skateboarder and heavily involved with skateboarding for 30+ years I can honestly say it is an incredibly friendly and inclusive community, and is such a good thing to learn and have fun with.
    Massive thanks and respect to Sandy, Hetty and all for their huge effort, and also to the Parish Council for their support, and to all sponsors for their donations. Can’t wait!

  37. Kalvin Heald

    So good! This is just what Millbrook needs, this skatepark will attract loads of passing trade and people will come to experience the new and improved park 🙂

    Well done everyone

  38. Dawn Williams

    Brilliant effort by the Parish Council & skatepark team. Children have few community resources in the area as it’s remote & rural. They deserve this so Rame can continue to be a great place to grow up and start a family. So good to see the community come together to make this happen

  39. Nancy Gray, Clerk, Sheviock Parish Council

    Sheviock Parish Council fully supports this project. It was agreed at the October 2022 meeting of Sheviock Parish Council that this facility would be well used by the children of Sheviock Parish, as per previous years, to benefit their fitness/social interaction and wellbeing. Sheviock Parish has an Open Space and Play park but no skateboard park of its own. Therefore using the power of S137, Sheviock Parish Council awarded a grant totalling £132.30.

  40. Aaron Barrett

    It’s amazing to see this project come to life, with the community fully behind this, I don’t think it will stop here there’s more we can do to put Millbrook on the map for our youth

  41. David Tetley

    Couldn’t commend this project more. It’s an incredible achievement to get this project to where it is (well done team) and shows the strength of our community. Let’s get it built!

  42. Pete Dunstone

    I strongly support this project and commend the Parish Council for their continued commitment towards it. The redesigned skateboard park will replace a well used facility and provide a valuable focal point in the community for a range of generations to gather and to develop and learn skills collaboratively. A community that plays together stays together.

  43. Melanie Burns

    It would be great to have a updated Skatepark. My son and his friends have thoroughly enjoyed using it for the past 15 years at least!! It’s also brought them to Millbrook many many days which means more spending in the local shops and now pubs!

    • Barry Dye

      I have been involved in a small part with the steering group offering technical advice
      I am not a skater but have been hugely impressed with the inclusive nature of skateboarding and am convinced that the new park will not only be a fantastic facility for the youth and adult community but will raise the profile of Millbrook itself
      Huge thanks for the support received from the Parish Council to date, let’s get this done

    • Nick Warren

      I think this is a fantastic project for Millbrook and the surrounding the area. On top of the obvious physical benefits, the community spirit around skateboarding is a massive bonus for the participants, young & old.
      Congrats to all involved so far. Build it, they will come!

  44. Mandy Warren

    Fantastic achievement by a committed community group for a much needed facility in Millbrook and the surrounding area.


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