Parish Council meeting


September 19th 2023


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Tuesday 19th September 2023 at 7:30pm
Venue: The main hall in Millbrook Village Hall
1. Apologies for absence
2. Declarations of gifts and declaration of interest on any agenda item
3. Dispensation – To consider any requests for dispensations relating to agenda items.
4. Public forum and County Councillor report / update
5. Chair’s Announcements
6. Clerk’s report / update
7. Approval of the minutes from previous meeting:
7.1 Minutes of the last full Parish Council meeting: To approve the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 22nd August 2023.
7.2.Minutes of the last Planning Committee meeting: To approve the minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on Tuesday 22nd August 2023.
8. Millbrook Skatepark Project
8.1 Planning: To note the receipt of the Cornwall Council’s Certificate of Lawfulness for Proposed Use or Development of Millbrook Skatepark (Application PA23/052790)
8.3 Millbrook Skatepark Project Steering Group representative: To appoint a Parish Council representative.
8.4 Parish Council funding support: To consider approval of  a further £12,000 to secure the project (in addition to the £20,000 pledged in October 2022 as part of the Skatepark Project Crowdfunder), which would only be utilised if funding from other sources is not obtained.  Parish Council supplied with copies of email communication between the Treasurer of Millbrook Skatepark Project, Maverick (Skatepark Design and Build contractors) and Cornwall Council Infrastructure Group leader.
9. Village maintenance
9.1 Cornwall Council Street Cleansing: To note the communication from Cornwall Council regarding Biffa’s Waste and Cleansing contract and Millbrook Parish Council’s request for a revaluation of the cleansing zones.
9.2 Cornwall Council reporting: To note the correspondence from Cornwall Council’s Regulatory Services regarding (a) the reporting of fly tipping, street cleaning or full public bins and (b) DEFRA’S Code of Practice on Litter and Refuse.
10. Finance
10.1 Council’s bank balance: To note the Council’s Unity Trust bank balance (to be updated in the Council meeting).
10.2. Council’s savings account balance: To note the balance in the Nationwide Building Society Account.
10.3. CCLA Investment Management Fund: To note the August 2023 statement detailing £50,000 in the Public Sector Deposit Fund.  (Interest has been transferred to the Unity Trust account).
10.3 Bank reconciliation: To note the bank reconciliation reports for July and August 2023.
10.4. Bank signatory: To approve the appointment the Admin Support officer with access rights to the Unity Trust bank account and if delegated by the RFO to process payments (which would require the standard approval by two signatories) on the Unity Trust bank account .
10.6 Finance report: To receive the Clerk’s monthly financial transaction report.
10.7 Audit control checks: To note control checks completed by Cllr Wood and Cllr Renshaw.
10.8 Monthly payments: To note payments made since the last meeting and to approve the payments as presented by the Clerk, included in the list below, and any additional payments presented in the meeting, which can be submitted for approval at the discretion of the Chair. (Where applicable, amounts include V.A.T)
References: C.D.A = Clerk’s delegated authority, S.I. = Standing item (Employment terms / Contractors – general maintenance / Utilities)
11. Community Support
11.1 Permaculture Kernow Community Orchard plans: To approve the plans submitted from Permaculture Kernow for tree planting in the playing field adjacent to the skatepark.
11.2 Permaculture Kernow funding request: To consider the funding application of £1,500 for Community Tree planting.

Purchases: 30 Trees (varying costs from £29-£40 per tree @ £35 = £1050.00
Apples, pears, plums, cherries,  damsons, Hazel and walnut
Plants: comfrey, wild flower seeds, clover donated by PK
Public liability insurance £190.41
Bark chippings,compost, manure £ 100
Posts and tree connectors £120
Tools £40 Total £1500
11.3 Kingfisher Preschool: To review the communication from Maker with Rame Parish Council requesting £615.00 as a contribution towards the equipment costs of Kingfisher Preschool
12. West Street car park machine
To note the action made under to delegated authority to place an order for a replacement Singular Strada Mechanical Drawer.
13. Climate and Environment:
13.1 Electric Charging Point: To receive the report from Cllr Mattholie / Jo Bennetts and to agree actions.
13.2 Climate & Environment Working Group: To receive the notes from the meeting held on Tuesday 12th September 2023.
14. Parish Council Newsletter
To receive the notes from the meeting held on 15th August 2023, to agree the inclusion of business advertising, distribution method and a budget for the printing costs of the newsletter.
15. Christmas and Events Task GroupChristmas and Events Task Group meeting held on 4th September 2023: To receive the meeting notes, agree recommendations and approve the Christmas budget.
16. Committees and Working Groups
16.1 Staffing Committee: To approve an additional member(s) of the Staffing Committee
16.2 Finance Committee: To approve an additional member(s) of the Finance Committee
16.3 Christmas and Events Task Group: To approve an additional member(s) of the Christmas and Events Task Group.
17. Assets and Open Spaces
Request for a bench by Co-op: Does the Council approve the request from a parishioner for a request by the Co-op.  If yes, (a) does the Council have a preference on the type of bench
(b) does the Council agree to fund the costs of purchasing and installing a bench.
18. Updates / reports from Councillors / Council Officers
Millbrook Village Hall Management Committee – See minutes from meeting / update from Cllr Lewis.
19. Correspondence and matters to note (for information only)
20. Future items for agenda: To raise matters for future consideration in full council, committee or working group meetings.