Full Council meeting


June 15th 2021


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Supporting information for the meeting

Agenda item 9: Finance

Finance 2021-22 | Millbrook Parish Council (millbrook-pc.gov.uk)

The responsible financial officer (RFO) must sign and date ‘Section 2 – Accounting statements’ of the AGAR Part 2 or 3, whichever is relevant to your smaller authority, before it is presented to the smaller authority. At the approval meeting, the smaller authority must, in the following order: a. consider the Accounting Statements by the members meeting as a whole; b. approve the Accounting Statements by resolution; and c. ensure the Accounting Statements are signed and dated by the person presiding at the meeting at which that approval is given.

See page 10:

See page 4:

b. To approve Millbrook Parish Council’s Annual Governance Statement for 2020/21

c. To approve Millbrook Parish Council’s Annual Accounting Statements for 2020/21.
See cash transaction listing submitted to internal auditor.


d. To note the dates for the Period for the Exercise of Public Rights, being from Monday 21st June 2021 to Friday 30th July 2021.
See page 3

Statutory common period to be included in the smaller authority’s period for the exercise of public rights – for all authorities, both exempt and subject to our review. Thursday 1 July – Wednesday 14 July 2021

The suggested period for public rights is Monday 14 June to Friday 23 July 2021, however the Full Parish Council meeting is set for 15th June 2021 and the proposal is to advertise the statutory period for public rights from 21st June 2021 to Friday 30th July 2021 (30 days excluding weekends).

e. To note the Council’s bank balance
Bank balance as at 11th June 2021:- £226,949.14

f. To note the Clerk’s finance report

g. To approve the payments as listed by the Clerk.

Agenda item 10: Grants and donations

a. To consider the request from Millbrook Football Club for grant funding support.

Agenda item 11. Traffic & Transport Advisory Task Group

a. To review the notes from Traffic & Transport Advisory Task Group meeting held on 3rd June 2021

b. Update on theTraffic & Transport Advisory Task Group walkabout meeting held on 9th June 2021, with Cormac Highways Manager, Mr Will Glassup
Cllrs Roberts, Lewis, Wilton, Wood, CC Kate Ewert and the Clerk attended a walkabout meeting looking and traffic and parking issues in the parish:
• The Tanyard
• The Quay
• Southdown Road
• West Street
• Hounster Hill
• Millpool Head
• Blindwell Hill
• St Johns Road
12. Asset & Open Spaces Task Group
a. To approve the Terms of Reference for the Asset & Open Spaces Task Group

b. To approve the recommendations from the Asset & Open Spaces Task Group meeting held on Wednesday 9th June 2021:
(i) To offer the dance floor to a local Community Group
(ii) To arrange a meeting with the Environment Agency to discuss the management of the lake
(iii) To produce a statement regarding legislation and introduction of wildfowl into the lake
(iv) To replace the lifebuoy housing equipment around Millbrook lake.
(v) To seek quotations for restoration work of Millbrook War Memorial
(vi) To note the communication and consider the groups recommendation regarding the installation of an additional flowerboat.
(vii) To sell the Green Machine
(viii) To sell the trailer
(ix) To approve the request for memorial seating in the Tanyard, subject to the seating being in keeping with the existing street furniture.
(x) To investigate whether there are bats in the Lime Kiln.
(xi) To investigate the possibility of registering ownership of land in Radford Lane where the old asset register shows there was once a council-owned bench.
Please see draft notes (which have not yet been verified by the group).


Agenda item13: Millbrook Skate Park

Does the Council agree to be the accountable body for any funds raised by individuals and community groups in respect of future refurbishing the skatepark to a concrete skatepark?
Update from the Clerk during the meeting.
14. Environmental Issues & Climate Change
a. Does the Council wish to express its support for the Climate & Ecology Emergency bill CEEbill? https://www.ceebill.uk/
https://seccan.org/ South East Cornwall Climate action Network