Full Council Meeting


September 21st 2021


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


1. Public forum, to include a presentation from Mr Simon Ryan, The Peninsula Trust, and County Councillor report


2. Apologies for absence

3. Declaration of interests, gifts and dispensations


5. Clerk’s report / update


6. Update on Councillors attending Code of Conduct training

7. Approval of minutes from previous meetings

a. To approve the minutes of the full parish council meeting held on 20th July 2021.

b. To approve the minutes of the extra ordinary parish council meeting held on 17th August 2021.

c. To approve the minutes of the Council’s Finance Committee meeting held on 7th September 2021.

8. Finance

a. To note the Council’s bank balance – £251,600.85 as at 20th September 2021
b. To review the Clerk’s finance report – Report to follow
c. To note payments made since the last meeting and to approve the payments as presented by the Clerk.
d. To agree the recommendations from the Finance Committee meeting held on 7th September 2021:
i) FCM,Minute 6, Approval of the Investment Policy. https://millbrook-pc.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/AI8di-MPC-Draft-Investment-policy.pdf
ii) FCM, Minute 7, Review of burial and memorial fees.
iii) FCM, Minute 9, Agree budget allocation for locum cover

9. Community Infrastructure Levy agreement

To approve the Cornwall Council CIL Neighbourhood Payment agreement

10. Traffic & Transport

To consider the quotation from Aecom, via Cormac Highways, for a West Street / Hounster Hill feasibility Study.
Due to current high level of workload within the Engineering Design Teams, Cormac have sought to use their Partner organisation, AECOM to resource this project. Cormac have received a Project Plan response from Aecom.  As at 14th September 2021, the  Project Plan was being discussed and reviewed prior to final issue. As the Project Plan would be issued from Cormac to the Parish rather than direct from Aecom, Cormac have to ensure that their work is appropriate to the request and represents appropriate values for the tasks to be undertaken.
The Council has been advised the cost of the feasibility study could be £12,000, but this figure could be significantly less.  Cormac are reviewing the quotation to ensure it does not include ground already looked at by the original Rame Peninsula Study

11. To consider the email from CALC supporting Bude Town Council’s proposal for a motion to lobby the government for Housing Solutions:

i) End the ‘Right to Buy’ scheme
ii) Scrutinise the principles of Affordable Housing with a view to creating links to local earnings
(a) New homes must be prioritised for local need and occupancy
(b) Second Homes:
vi) To allow a multiplier of council tax which is passed to local communities
vii) Scrutiny of the principle of registering houses as businesses
viii) Additions to our housing stock should be delivered to high sustainable living standards and offered with secure and humane tenancy agreements
If this situation remains unchecked, we fear fracturing of our communities leading to long term social identity issues, workforce problems, loss of family support networks and empty homes bringing a loss of economic vitality and sustainability of our community.  Bude-Stratton Town Council urges Cornwall Council to declare a housing emergency based on the BSTC statement.

The Council is sending this statement to Scott Mann MP and is also passing it to CALC and NALC for circulation to all Town and Parish Councils for support.

We would welcome other Councils passing a similar resolution and adding to the call for action.” 

If you have any questions about the proposals please contact the Clerk direct (KCornwell@bude-stratton.gov.uk) and I am sure he would also welcome feedback on the views of your members.  Please remember to copy the CALC  into your response as the CALC Executive is keen to understand your council’s views.

12. Grants and donations

a. To consider the grant funding request from Millbrook Football Club  the application has now been withdrawn.
b. To note the reimbursement of funds from Millbrook Football Club for a defibrillator

13. Asset & Open Spaces Task Group (AOSWG)

a. To agree the installation and location of a memorial tree. (Update from Cllr Taggart).
b. To review the notes from AOSWG meeting and consider the following recommendations:
Please note incorrect numbering on the agenda from (vi)
i) Following the RICS valuation, completed by Bailey Partnership, to consider the
increase on the Council’s insurance policy of £2791.79
ii) To agree to sell the green machine for £200.00
Francis Clerk machinery offered £50.00 for the machine.
Cllr Wilton has offered £200.00.
The machine is currently being stored at Penmilliard Farm.
iii) Not to proceed any further with the noise assessment expenditure at this stage.
iv) To allocate the funds, previously approved for the works to be completed on the skate park jumpbox, to the new Millbrook Skatepark Project.
The previous appointed contractor has confirmed by email they will refund payments made for the jumpbox.  The Clerk is currently waiting for the funds to be reimbursed. 
v) Not to to proceed with the proposal from the football club to utilise the dog walking field but to support the football club with alternative options.
vi) To note the recommendations regarding the grass cutting tender.
vii) To note a licence agreement will be produced for any business or organisation using the Tanyard.
viii) To agree the specification for a path in the new section of Millbrook Cemetery.
ix) Update on the Foamstream demonstration.
xi) To approve the quotation from Enhanscapes for the removal of overhanging branches at the roadside, between the mini roundabout, near the tractor park to the tennis courts and dead-hedge into the existing hedgeline. Total cost £945 which includes a licence from Cornwall Council for temporary road closure.
xii) To consider the proposal for Hounster Hill triangle, agree a budget and to consider selling the container at Hounster Hill,

14. Administration / website amendments

To consider the estimate received from Seadog IT for the creation of online forms:
i) Grant application form – £82.50
ii) Cemetery Internment form – £55.00
iii) Burial Rights application form – £24.75
iv) Contractor application form – £82.50

15. Car park

To approve the quotation for new car park permits.

16. Village Enhancement Team (V.E.T.s)

To consider the proposal from the V.E.T.s, to place a paving circle in the Tanyard and to agree a budget for materials, which would include replacing the membrane, chippings and cement. Labour would be provided voluntarily.  https://millbrook-pc.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/AI16_VETs-proposal.pdf

17. Climate Change, Environment & Sustainability

a. Update from Cllr Mattholie regarding the Electric Charging Points.
b. Does the Council wish to progress providing Water Filling Stations, apply for Sustainability Funding or in line with neighbouring parishes to promote local businesses to sign up to the ReFill scheme?
18. Correspondence & matters to note.

This list is for information only but if any Councillor member of public requires further details, please contact the Clerk.
• NALC: Chief Executive Bulletins, Election survey, online events
• ICCM bulletins
• Rural Services Network Bulletins
• CALC: Reissue of the Code of Conduct
• CALC: Housing Resolutions – Bude Town Council
• CALC: leaflet outlining the services provided by Kernow Connect (Action for Children) for Young People in Cornwall.
• CALC Executive Board vacancies – nomination deadline 1st October 2021
• Request for a proposal to put one or two speed bumps on West Street due to the influx of summer traffic with many vehicles speeding along the part of street between the Co-op and the junction of West Street car park.
• Torpoint Town Council – Weekly inspection sheets for Dog Enforcement / Maintenance Service Level Agreement.
• Additional extensions (‘granny-flats’ ) to properties in construction, Kiln Close, Millbrook.
• Environment Agency / Member of public – ducks in Millbrook Lake.
• West Street resident – inappropriate sized vehicle blocking the road.
• Kiln Close, Lack of walk to school route at Kiln Close during the road closure.
• Kiln Close, does the road need to be closed for an additional week.
• Maker with Rame Parish Council Environment & Conservation Committee invitation and report of Community Dialogue.
• Resident & Cornwall Council Environmental Protection Officer – re van parked along Lower Anderton.Road
• GWR Annual Customer and Stakeholder Report 2020/21
• Highways England – A38 Trerulefoot to Carkeel Safety Package
• Summer Food Bank collection at All Saints Church.
• Three incidents of people being hit by vehicles on The Narrows (i) cyclists hit (two knocked over) entering The Narrows (ii) a resident was clipped by a van near the pub (iii) a young girl hit significantly whilst walking on the virtual pavement. The car drove completely in the red, which was witnessed and reported by a resident.
• Cornwall ANOB Draft Management Plan 2022-2027 survey.
• Overgrown vegetation on Greenlands – Reported to Cornwall Council ref W2168627.
• Overgrown vegetation on Newport Street – Reported to Cornwall Council W2167837
• The maintenance of Millbrook Cemetery.
• Cornwall ANOB – Job vacancies and draft Cornwall ANOB Management Plan.
• Community Network Panel – Campaign to ban the sale of environmentally damaging body boards.
• Plymouth Model Boat Club insurance documents.
• CALC – Consultation on the Police and Crime Plan priorities for 2021-2025.
• CALC – Additional Code of Conduct training 16th November 2021.
• CALC – NALC Rural Housing online event 17th November 2021
• Requesting support from the Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill (CEE Bill).
• Cornwall Gateway Network Panel seeking view on Adult Social Care.
• Cornwall Gateway Network Panel Tamar Bridge resurfacing press release.
• The Peninsula Trust – September Bulletin: Coastguard Cottages, The Old Ship, Local Support, AGM & More.
• Fishing in Millbrook lake: A parishioner reported to the RSPCA that a gull had fishing line in its mouth that then went over his back, was wound around his feet with some small brightly coloured balls attached.
• Access during the road closure.
• Nat West Bank – future parking suggestions.
• Cornwall Cornwall Community Link Officer invitation to attend a Teams meeting on 24th September regarding the Looe Valley Trails – Route to Cremyll.
• EN21 00057 (development site additional access}
• Request for an update on Electric Charging Point installation.
• Funding for businesses. Green Travel Grants. https://www.plymouth.gov.uk/newsroom/pressreleases/greentravelgrantsavailablelocalbusinesses
• Cornwall Cllr Martin Avey, Cabinet Member for Climate & Environment Change – Campaign to ban the sale of environmentally-damaging body boards.
• Report from The Governors of Fourlanesend School. Email via CC Kate Ewert, to include update from Will Glassup, Cormac.
• Konsel Kernow / Cornwall Council, Strategy and Engagement (sent via Cornwall Council’s Community Link Officer) Enhanced response area communications – for CC members and town and parish councils.
• “Loading at walk-to-school route – hazard – Kiln Close, Millbrook”: alleged breach of planning in respect of the access to the site.
• Plymouth City Council:Sustainable travel grants.
• Cornwall Council Cabinet, Civic & Member Developer Officer: Campaign to ban the sale of environmentally-damaging body boards.
* Closure order St Andrews Street: 27th September to 5th October 2021,
Contact South West Water – Tel: 0344 346 2020 or Streetworks.mail@kier.co.uk
• Amanda Lush, Clerk for Camelford Town Council – Camelford Skatepark
• Request for information on local baby groups.

19. Closed session

To resolve that pursuant to section 1 (2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 and the Local Government Act 1972 S100 (2) the public and press be excluded from the meeting because of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted.

20. To consider recommendations from the Staffing Committee meeting held on 17th August 2021.

Karenza Heald
Parish Clerk