Full Council meeting


March 15th 2022


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

1.   Apologies for absence

2.   Declarations of interest on any agenda item

3.   Declaration of gifts

4.   Dispensation

To consider any requests for dispensations relating to agenda items.

5.   Public forum and County Councillor report / update

6.   Chair’s announcements

7.   To note the Clerk’s report 

8.   Approval of minutes from previous meetings

a.    To approve the minutes of the full parish council meeting held on 15th February 2022
b.    To approve the minutes of the Staffing Committee meeting held on 1st March 2022

9.   Finance

a.    Council’s bank balance: To note the Council’s bank balance

b.    Finance report: To review the Clerk’s finance report

c.    Bank reconciliation report: To note the completion of the bank reconciliation reports.

d.    Monthly payments

To note payments made since the last meeting and to approve the payments as presented by the Clerk.

10. Grants, donations and community support

a.    The Peninsula Trust / Rame Community Kitchen

To consider the grant funding application request enabling Rame Community Kitchen to provide food for local households in poverty.

b.    Millbrook Arts and Crafts

To approve the request for use of Millbrook Arts and Crafts to use the Tanyard on 2nd April, 7th May, 4th June, 2nd July, 6th August and 3rd September and to note the  request for covering  over the pergola.

11.  Asset & Open Spaces

a.     Play park and skate park inspection: To note the booking for annual inspections

Play park and skate park inspections are booked are scheduled for April.
Commercial Play Areas – £98.00 + VAT per play area
Non Commercial Play Areas – £70.00 + VAT per play area
Any additional items over five per play area – £3.50 + VAT per additional item

b.     Insworke Bus Shelter: To approve the quotation from Coastal Clean to clean the bus shelter at Insworke

c.     Millbrook Lake: To note the report regarding the recent meeting with Environment Agency


d.     Grass cutting & maintenance: To note a meeting has taken place between the newly- appointed grass cutting contractor Enhanscapes, Cllr Roberts, Cllr Taggart & the Parish Clerk.

12.  Policies and procedures

a.     Retention policy

To consider approval of the SLCC Model retention policy and appendix to include a list of  documents for retention or disposal.
SLCC Model Retention and disposal policy
SLCC Model Retention policy – appendix

b.     Planning Terms of Reference

To approve the Planning Committee Terms of Reference – to be reviewed by the Planning Committee during the meeting scheduled to take place at 7pm on Tuesday 15th March 2022.

13. Housing

To consider supporting Calstock Town Council in lobbying the government for policy on holiday lets and second homes requiring change of use when dwellings are being used for holiday / tourism purposes.


14. The Council Office

To agree a budget for the purchase of Council Office furniture and disposal of historic documents.

15. Climate Change, Environment & Sustainability

 EV Charging Points in West Street Car park: Update from Cllr Mattholie and to agree a  budget for fees relating to amendments of the Cornwall Council lease for West Street Car  Park / Millbrook Public toilets.

Councillors have been provided with a report detailing communication.  An estimate has been received from Cornwall Council saying they would expect surveyor fees to be in the region of £400-500 and legal fees £820-£1,230

16. Correspondence and matters to note

This list is for information only (received since the last meeting and up to the date of distributing the agenda for this meeting). If any Councillor or member of public requires further details, please contact the Clerk.

  • NALC: Chief Executive Bulletins, online events.
  • NALC: New Report on the 2021 local elections.
  • NALC: Star Council awards
  • CALC AGM: 8 March 2022, Annual Report and agenda.
  • CALC Briefing: Platinum Jubilee celebrations and memorabilia,
  • CALC: NALC legal update and Chief Executive’s Bulletin
  • CALC: 2020/21 pay agreement
  • CALC: Pledge for nature campaign and local Ecological Emergency Summit
  • CALC: Support for Ukraine
  • CALC: NALC Announces National Salary Award 2021/22.
  • Great Western Railway: Storm Eunice – branch line closures, speed restrictions and reduced service levels tomorrow (18/02/2022)
  • Cornwall Council’s Community Network Officer: Message regarding help for those without power – Storm Eunice / Franklin: Help available for people without power (Sunday 20 February)
  • Overgrown hedge in Mill Road. Action: Chased Cormac Countryside Officer.
  • Cornwall Council: Media relations – Storm Eunice Upload, help for communities.
  • Cornwall Council, Community Link Officer: Liskeard and Looe foodbank newsletter.
  • Cornwall Council / Climate Change: March is Green Month with Carbon Neutral Cornwall and Pirate FM
  • Cornwall Council, Carbon Neutal Cornwall: New, interactive Climate Change Centre Opens in Cornwall.
  • Cornwall Council: Heightened level of cyber threat – a message from the National Cyber Security Centre
  • Cornwall Streetworks: Temporary prohibition of traffic order on 13th March 2022 at Southdown Road due to overhead works by Openreach.
  • Cornwall Streetworks: Temporary prohibition of traffic order on 7th March 2022 at Newport Street due to works required by Western Power to Road to move an electric pole.
  • Cornwall Streetworks: Event Intention – Black Prince Flower Boat Procession
  • Rame Peninsula Public Transport Users Group: Revised bus services proposed for our Rame Peninsula Area.
  • Rame Peninsula Public Transport Users Group: News Update for Bus Users.
  • Cornwall Council positive planning: Planning training for Local Councils: Supporting Sustainable Development, Flood anCd Coastal Risk Management – the Environment Agency’s role and responsibilities
  • Cornwall Council – Localism: Storm Eunice / Franklin: Help available for people without power (Sunday 20 February)
  • Cornwall Council: Overgrown tree B3247 between Military Road and Withnoe Lane, reference: W2278662. Action taken.
  • Cornwall Council Community Link Officer: Pothole Factsheet
  • Cornwall Council, Head of Communities: Community Link Officers – Allocation to Community Network Areas
  • Great Western Railway: Storm Eunice update.
  • Parishioners: Reports of damaged trees from Storm Eunice.
  • Torpoint & Rame Peninsula Lions Club: Confirmation that the Event Management Plan and Traffic Management Plan for Black Prince Procession has been accepted by Cornwall Council.
  • Mevagissey Parish Council: Housing Manifesto
  • Cllr C Green, Maker with Rame Parish Council: Copy of communication received with positive feedback on the Rame Green Guide.
  • Rame Peninsula Public Transport Users Group: Cuts to the bus service.
  • Boots hanging off telephone wire: Action – reported to Openreach.
  • Rame Peninsula Public Transport Users Group: Department for Transport – Written Statement to parliament.
  • St Columba Rugby: Thanking the Council for the grant donation and acknowledging the licence agreement and procedures for use of Council owned land and property.
  • Millbrook Lake: What the Council are doing about the midge infestation problem and who is responsible for t he flushing routine / process.
  • Millbrook Lake: Feedback to the Council’s website post and the 1998 report provided by the Environment Agency – Report from 1998: Nuisance problems associated with emergence of midges – special reference to Millbrook Lake

17. Closed session

To resolve that pursuant to section 1 (2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to  Meetings) Act 1960 and the Local Government Act 1972 S100 (2) the public and press be excluded    from the meeting because of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted.

18. Staff recruitment and the conditions of employment of the current staff.

i) To note the NALC Announcement regarding the National Salary 21/22 award.
ii) To review the confidential report and to consider the recommendations of the Staffing Committee relating to:
a) the employment of the Council Caretaker
b) the employment of the Council Admin Support Officer.
c) The review of the Council’s Street Cleaner’s employment terms.