Use of Parish Council Land or Property

Licence Conditions

1. Registration

All traders must complete an application for a licence to use or place tables/trestles/equipment/seating and receive a licence from the Council before commencing to trade in or use Land or Property owned by Millbrook Parish Council; any subsequent changes to the details/information provided must be notified to Millbrook Parish Council (MPC) in writing.

2. Public Liability Insurance

All traders are required to have a minimum of £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance. Proof of the liability insurance must be provided to MPC on application, and it must cover the duration of the licence.

3. Hours of Use

The duration and hours of any licence will be at the discretion of Millbrook Parish Council.

4. Range of Goods

Ongoing licences: For the consumption of pre-bought food and drink from local businesses. No Table Service permitted.
One-day licences: Subject to the nature and location of the application.

5. Table Charges

There is no fee for use.

6. Trader vehicle parking

All vehicles must be parked legally.

7. Rubbish

All traders are expected to provide litter bin facilities for their customers, keep their area tidy during the trading day, and clear the area used of all litter at the end of the trading day.

8. Damage

All damage to MPC property and that leased by MPC caused by the traders/users or their customers using the site will be paid by the Licence holder to the value of the repair.

9. Period

The period of the Licence will be clearly stated on the Licence up to a maximum of 1 year.

10. Notice

MPC reserves the right to withdraw a licence following review of compliance to the above conditions. Otherwise notice of a month is to be given by either party to terminate the licence.

Approved during the Full Council meeting held on 15th February,2022 – Minute 140a

Applicants are required to complete this form

Please ensure you have read and understood the licence conditions before completing and returning this form. You must also provide a copy of your Public Liability Insurance.

Once your application has been accepted you will be provided with a Licence and a copy which you are required to sign and return to The Clerk,  Millbrook Parish Council prior to use of The Property or Land.