Tanyard – Covering the Pergola Consultation Survey

Sep 26, 2022 | Community News, Council News

Millbrook Parish Council have been approached about the idea of putting a roof covering over part or all of the pergola in the Tanyard. This would create an area to sit when it is raining, and be helpful for events such as the monthly craft market.
We would love some input to find out if the community would be supportive of this idea, so please complete the survey below and share your thoughts with us in the comments below.
If you prefer a paper copy of the survey,  you call Karenza or Jo at Millbrook Parish Council on: 01752 823128 or email: enquiries@millbrook-pc.gov.uk


  1. Amelia

    Adding a roof to the pergola in the Tanyard sounds like a great idea for providing shelter during rainy days and enhancing the space for events. Community input is crucial for such decisions. I’ll be sure to complete the survey and share my thoughts. Thanks for seeking our input, Millbrook Parish Council!

  2. Audrey Mahoney

    It would be great to have the Tanyard covered as it would get used a lot more I enjoy visiting and setting with tea ☕️ and the craft fair every month. It’s a lovely little event.

  3. Amanda

    Something lightweight and rainproof for shelter, and an aesthetic match for what is already there, would be good. Gutters and downpipes could feed into a water butt at each end for watering the planted areas.

  4. Cynthia Gaskell Brown

    A good idea in priciple. But careful thought would be needed about materials- presumably transparent -the colour of gutters, drain pipes, sustainablity and the effect on the very pleasant green planting.

  5. Ruth McCoryn

    An excellent idea and long overdue! Have often talked about this and how it would enhance the tanyard, extending its use into an all weather facility.

  6. Chris Beckett

    Will the existing pergola beams be strong enough to support a roof?

  7. Ursula Stevenson

    Great idea for year round use and events – shade and shelter.

  8. Caroline Allen

    I think this woud be a great idea.

  9. Davina

    A roof is a good idea, depending on what it is made of & what it looks likes.

  10. Sarah beaver

    Great idea. It’s a lovely place to sit and I’ve often thought it would be great if there was a roof covering and like you say you wouldn’t have to cancel the craft market because there’s rain

  11. Sylvie Gomez

    A roof would be a great idea so that events could happen even when it rains.

    • Michael & Susan Horwood

      Love the idea of a green roof, it would be a great asset to the village.


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