Millbrook Skatepark – removal of the jumpbox

Sep 6, 2021 | Skatepark Project

Over the last few months several businesses have been asked quote to repair the jumpbox.
On the grounds of health & safety the decision has been taken to remove the jumpbox from the skatepark.  This decision has not been taken lightly.
Special thanks go to:
Jason Buller, Mitchell Maintenance & Fabrication, who visited the skate park, used his a endescopic camera and was able to assess the ramp is very rusty and will need a lot of work to get it safe to use, Jason, recommended that it will not be financially viable to do the ramp up and suggested scrapping it and putting the money towards a new ramp. He has not charged for his time.
Coastline Scrapyard – who in addition to offering a £100 donation to the skatepark project has agreed to remove the ramp free off charge.,  The ramp is scheduled to be removed on Wednesday 8th September meaning we will not have the ramp fenced off for the event on the 19th September.
On Wednesday 1st September when one of the Council’s contractors opened up the jumpbox for further inspection.   Photographs were taken which clearly show the corrosion of the ramp.


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