Millbrook Skatepark ramp removal – quarterpipe

Aug 19, 2022 | Skatepark Project

Due to safety reasons plans are being made for the removal of the quarter pipe.

If you would like to donate towards a new concrete skatepark or find out more about the Millbrook Skatepark Project’s fundraising click on their website

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  1. Dawn

    We are working to build a fab new skatepark. Come to the launch of the Crowdfunder on Sept 28, 7pm at Patch work studios. Contribute & support us!

  2. Julie elworthy

    The children love it over there . Surely the parish council should have foreseen this ,the need to replace and precepted this in the budget . Agree with Neil above too much money wasted on picnic tables plants etc . We have visited smaller villages and they have fantastic skateboarding facilities .

  3. Niel

    Are you going to replace anything or just slowly remove it all? In a few years there won’t be a skate park left then you’ll wonder where you went Wrong and proceed to build another picnic bench.


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