Millbrook Skatepark jumpbox repair works

Mar 1, 2021 | Council News

During the last Millbrook Parish Council meeting, the council voted to accept the quotation from Twisted Metal Art to repair the jumpbox in Millbrook skatepark. A budget was agreed to cover potentional additional costs required to make the modifications so that the ramp is better for the skate park users.
The Council has also been looking at measures to reduce the noise impact from the ramp and the skatepark as a whole.
The Council is grateful for the volunteer support of Aaron Barrett. Aaron will be liaising with the Parish Council, contractor and skatepark users regarding the jumpbox modifications.  To gain an insight into the future vision of the skatepark a community engagement Facebook group page has recently been set up.
Subject to the weather conditions and the delivery of materials etc. we hope to have the works completed by the end of the month.
For health & safety reasons the ramp must not be used until it has been repaired. The cones and netting must remain in place.


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