Millbrook Parish Council Grass Cutting and Village Maintenance consultation update

Jul 21, 2023 | Community News, Council News

Thank you to everyone who has commented on the Parish Council’s grass cutting and village maintenance.

At the last Parish Council meeting it was agreed, in order to seeks of more parishioners, including those who do not use the internet, to extend the consultation period to 11th August 2023.

There will be a public meeting event on 16th September 2023.   Further details to follow.

  • Do you have any comments relating to the Council’s grass cutting maintenance contract?

  • Do you have any comments regarding the general village maintenance?

Millbrook Grass Cutting and Village Maintenance survey

Millbrook Parish Council grass cutting and village maintenance

Millbrook Parish Council’s Grass cutting contract and Millbrook Lakeside

Cornwall Highways Grass cutting update

Grass verges along New Road

During the Millbrook Meet Up this morning (Friday 21st July 2023) further comments were received:

Do you have any comments relating to the Council’s grass cutting maintenance contract?

  • I think the village looks better when the grass is cut.
  • Better shortcuts needed around lakeside verges to allow drivers, particularly of smaller cars to see what’s coming!
  • No
  • I have no problem with wilding but as a hayfever sufferer I would be grateful if the lakeside of the path on Lower Anderton Road could be cut at the height of the grass allergy season.


Do you have any comments regarding the general village maintenance?

  • It’s well maintained!
  • Unkept.  Weeds prolific on pavements.  Very untidy.
  • Could we not urge Cornwall Council to take better care of the paths and gutters.




  1. Julian Woods

    I think the grass cutting of the green next to the skate park and the area around the lake are brilliant. Nature is allowed to be nature and yet there are tracks through nature for dog walking and tracks for small bike riders to explore. Such a waste of resources and such destruction of nature to just flatten everything. So unnecessary and polluting to the environment.
    I love what the council is doing with grass cutting.

  2. julie elworthy

    firstly pruning work to promote healthy growth with the trees should be a priority . At ground level suckers and water sprouts weaken wood and steal nutrients from the main tree. by helping a tree establish one main tree and a dominent leader you create a strong tree thats ultimately able to with stand winter storms and high winds . The past few years there has been a reluctance and ill advice on this and many of the trees have suckers and water sprouts growing . I would like to see this addressed sooner rather than later . Well pruned trees are healthier for a safer environment as seen of late during our high winds scenario .
    May and June are great times for leaving healthy grass growing ( not dead grass ) to provide an important food source for pollinators . Wet areas and chemical free areas are good also for butterflies and other insects . long dead grass is not as it dosent provide the nutrients or water for a thriving insect home .
    Perennials and shrubs that flower at various times of the year will aid insect life . Insects need nectar and pollen to thrive not dead long grass. Composting areas are a thriving habitat for insects perhaps we could promote areas of composting around the lake . Reduce artificial light which will help nocturnal insects such as moths and also bats .
    I would love to see the grass cut road side around the lake and in front of all the seats down to the lake . The area around the doctors surgery and opposite for the grass to be kept short so the ducks can rest on short grass . The idea of keeping grass long during nesting times is also a hiding place for rats to raid nests and rob the eggs needs to be observed more.
    We need to be sowing wild flowers to aid pollination , perhaps fallen branches could be left for insects habitats in some areas ?
    If the now dog walking area is to be left wild instead of the old proposed football field and running track could it be planted with native trees to provide a wooded area ?
    Pavements and roads should be weed free .
    The cemetery grass should be cut down , if we cut around the war graves surely the rest should be treated the same ?
    The footpath that runs alongside venton house is shambolic and extremely overgrown and needs addressing as well as the alpine footpath .
    The boats which have been planted around the village were a good idea but lack maintenance and the grass around them is too long .
    The grass on the dam is kept short and I have seen a few families having picnics there which is lovely to see .
    Thankyou to the MLMA for clearing up the dam area it looks much tidier and a useful space now for boats to be stored .
    Could we possibly have more seating areas at stone pier as this are is used quite a bit .

    Thankyou to millbrook parish council we do value the time and commitment you put in .

    I realise you cannot keep all of us happy all the time but I hope you will take onboard some of my comments .
    Millbrook for the last few years has looked extremely neglected and I do hope we can improve on that .

  3. C barnicoat

    I think grass at side of road were cars park should be cut more frequently also grass on lakeside verge just along from car park needs cutting as you cannot see what is coming along the road on opposite side when driving. Hedges need to be pruning as going completely wild in places and taking over path access.


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