Millbrook Lake

Jun 17, 2021 | Community News, Council News

The Parish Council is continuing to investigate ways to provide more security for the ducklings around the lake. The idea of laying brash in the water needs approval from the Environment Agency because the Lake is a flood defence. We will be asking the EA for permission and if given will hope to do this in the autumn. In the meantime leaving the edge vegetation uncut does provide some protection.

We are also aware that some people have suggested releasing more ducks onto the lake. This is in fact illegal. Schedule 9 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act lists numerous species of wildfowl that cannot be deliberately released because of the impact this might have on our native bird populations.

The Animal Welfare Act 2006 covers domestic species like Muscovy Ducks with fines of up to £20000! This is because abandoning domestic ducks in a wild and alien environment may cause them undue stress and suffering. The link below gives a broad summary of the issues. However, the release of wild birds that have been taken into care and rehabilitated, for example a Mallard that has been injured is allowed.

We probably all have fond memories of feeding the ducks as children. The Parish Council are well aware that the ducks bring pleasure to many people and will strive to ensure their welfare on and around the lake.”



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