Meet Oliver Vigo – Local Tri-Service Safety Officer

Jul 21, 2022 | Community News, Council News

The role of a Tri Service Safety Officer, which was first piloted in 2014, is to support  Devon & Cornwall Police, Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service, South West Ambulance Service and Cornwall Council’s Anti social behaviour team..

  •  Ollie is a First Responder and will respond to critical incidents on behalf of the fire and ambulance service.
  •  He works collaboratively with  the emergency services.
  • Part of the role is to focus on engagement, early intervention, prevention and reducing demand for police, fire and the ambulance service.
  • One of  the services Ollie offers, if you meet the criteria, is to come to your  home to complete fire safety checks. *

For more information about the work of Tri Safety Officers have a look on the Cornwall Council website.”

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  1. Sophia

    Great to see this service actually exists. I’ve been aware of increased antisocial behaviour in the village at very late hours in the Tanyard. Would this service be appropriate to tackle this or is it a daytime service only? Would like to get advice on how to diffuse the rowdy behaviour going on at night several days each week.

    Many thanks,


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