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Mar 7, 2024 | Community News, Council News

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Consultation document

  1. Infra-178 SN01 – Albert Road
  2. Infra-178 SN02 – Vicarage Road
  3. Infra-178 SN03 – Fourlanesend School
  4. Infra-178 SN04 – Wilcove
  5. Infra-178 SN05 – Arthur Terrace DPB
  6. Infra-178 SN06 – Tavy Road DPB
  7. Infra-178 SN07 – Beatrice Avenue DPB
  8. Infra-178 SN08 – Sconner Road DPB
  9. Infra-178 SN09 – Peacock Avenue DPB
  10. Infra-178 SN10 – Clinton Terrace DPB

Consultation Summary

No waiting at any time restrictions on Albert Road, Saltash, St James Road and Vicarage Road, Torpoint. Proposed 40mph Speed Limit and advisory 20mph speed limit at Fourlanesend School. Proposed 20mph Speed Limit at Wilcove and 30mph speed limit at Pengelly Hill. Formalisation of existing Disabled parking bays in Torpoint, Saltash and Millbrook and the removal of a disabled parking bay at Torpoint which is no longer required.


Cornwall Council proposes to implement a number of schemes put forward by the Launceston Community Network Panel (CNP), which involve regulatory changes within the Cornwall Gateway Community Network Area. These requests have been nominated by local councillors.

Scheme Objectives

It is considered that the speed reduction measures proposed will contribute towards improving road safety for vulnerable road users and traffic using these roads. The No waiting at any time restrictions are due to obstructive parking and the Disabled Parking Bays will improve access to nearby properties, services and facilities for disabled residents and visitors.

Audience or target group:


Further Details:

Consultation Method: email, post
Department: Communities

Contact Information:
Sara Marchesini
Phone: 01872327250

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