Community Engagement Event and Annual Parish meeting / Annual meeting of Electors


May 11th 2024


4:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Annual Parish Meeting – 11th May 2024 at 18:00hrs

20240511 Annual Parish meeting agenda revised

Letter from member of public:

in 2025 could be the beginning of a new culture in the parish whereby an election is held every four years.

  •  In addition, it is an opportunity for Councillors to prepare a Four-Year Plan – albeit one that is high-level and responsive. Developing a plan could include opportunities for involvement by parishioners who, according to their skills, knowledge and experience, could continue to contribute to the work of the PC.
  •  An agreed plan could well make the work of Councillors more straightforward and provide them with a schedule against which to budget and report. It could then be reviewed towards the end of the term and form the basis of a revised plan for the next term.
  • Such a plan could include the general regulatory duties of the PC, along with activities that address the specific needs of the Millbrook parish. These could include, for example, access and transport, affordable housing, and water quality and flood management.
  • This would enable Councillors to identify where expert input is needed and to form strategic partnerships with expert individuals and organisations. Successful partnerships could then be rolled over into the next term. In this manner, activities that require long term commitment – environmental management, for example – could be as effective as possible.
  • Most importantly, through local election, Councillors would have a mandate to uphold the PC’s purpose and principles, deliver a plan, and encourage community wellbeing.

I hope that Millbrook Parish Council decides to promote local democracy and to start its preparation for next year’s election as soon as possible. A good deal of initial information is available from The Electoral Commission and Cornwall Council.

Please note I am writing as a citizen and parishioner, and not as a member of any organisation.