Cycle lockers

Apr 7, 2022 | Community News, Council News

If the Parish Council were to consider purchasing cycle lockers in West Street Car park would you use them?

Do you think they would be beneficial for cyclists for overnight parking?

The Council will be considering recommendations but forward by the Traffic & Transport Advisory Task group during the next Council meeting on 19th April 2022.

Cycle lockers




  1. Michelle

    I would be interested to know more about how the system works, I live in a first floor flat and was going to ask the parish council about secure bike storage. How much does it cost to use?

    Also good point by Gary Salter.

  2. Gary Salter

    While a nice idea it would benefit very few people. I would have thought the money could be much better spent elsewhere and also benefit a much wider range of people. An obvious village improvement would be to upgrade the path and lighting around the lake, a favourite place for cycling with small children, (dog) walking or simply passing the time. Sadly sections in winter are difficult because of standing water and zero lighting.

    Given the number of people in the village on disability scooters, it would also open the area up for them to enjoy also.

  3. Milly Moloney

    Fantastic idea I have just started cycling and this would be so useful for me.

    • Sarah Shoraka

      Yes, we have a lack of bike storage space downstairs in our house. We would use our bikes more instead of our car if there were bike lockers.

    • Chris Moloney

      I would love a locker too. I don’t have anywhere to store a bike and so end up driving when I could cycle.

  4. David Shakespeare

    What a great idea! I think this would help me and my family go for more bike trips around Millbrook, along with facilitating visitors with safe places to leave their bikes


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