Cornwall Councillor Kate Ewert Report – March 23

Apr 5, 2023 | Community News, Cornwall Council, Council News

Kate Ewert March 23 Update

CC Kate Ewert’s report – March 2023




  1. Roger Bews

    What to report back on Mayor for Cornwall consultation ?

    • Karenza Heald

      Response from Cornwall Councillor Kate Ewert:
      As I mentioned in my report, I was pleased that the Leader of the Council finally decided to listen to the overwhelming response from the residents of Cornwall to the question of a Mayor for Cornwall. Around 69% of respondents said that they didn’t want a Mayor as part of the deal. Initially it seemed that the Leader was going to go against this and listen to the “silent majority” that hadn’t responded and who did want a Mayor. Cornwall Council will now pursue Level 2 devolution instead.


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