Children’s workshop: 14th May 2022 from 2pm

May 10, 2022 | Community News, Council News

Our perfect world

The place where we live and share with community is shaped by every single one of us.

No idea and vision is too big or small.

The past is a gift from our ancestors and the future an opportunity for our children.

The voice of children and young people is what we would like to hear resonating within Millbrook and let it echo as far as the Sea wind will take it.

Join us for an ’out of the box’ workshop, where we make up our perfect world within Millbrook and  look at various ways of implementing your ideas.

We will explore the great assets we already have and celebrate how those enhance or lives.

How can we build on what we have?

What do we need less of?

What do we love about our village?

Where is a space for an improvement?

Who is our biggest teacher?

When is good?   NOW

Please join us in the Balcony Room of the Village Hall in Millbrook this Saturday from 2 pm.

Together, we will be creating multimedia collage about the place we live.

Your artwork will then be transferred (using more innovative media) into a tapestry/ flag.

This unique peace depicting your appreciations, wishes and visions will be displayed at a public place for all to appreciate.


Help us create a better tomorrow, because change always starts with a thought, those little seeds of fun and ideas we can plant together and help them grow.

Our art project is supported by locally based artist Huhtamaki Wab, who will be transferring your collage into tapestry. Maki loves creating art which t meaningful messages within living spaces. He has run several workshops created many stunning pieces locally and with as well as with various communities far and wide.

We are very excited to get creative with you!

From Heart to Heart

Petra & friends


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