Full Council meeting – Millbrook Skatepark Tender


April 4th 2023


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Millbrook Parish Council Full Council meeting
Tuesday 4th April 2023 at 7:00pm
Venue: The main hall in Millbrook Village Hall

1. Apologies for absence
2. Declarations of gifts and declaration of interest on any agenda item
3. Dispensation – To consider any requests for dispensations relating to agenda items.
4. Public forum
5. Chair’s Announcements
6. Millbrook Skatepark Project
Skatepark Tender Review Panel meeting: To receive the notes from the Millbrook Skatepark Tender Review Panel meeting held on Thursday 30th March 2023.
Appointment of Millbrook Skatepark Design and build contractor: To receive the Millbrook Skatepark Design and Build proposals, consider the recommendations from the Millbrook Skatepark Tender Review Panel and to select the contractor for the Design and Build of a bespoke concrete skatepark on the existing Millbrook Skatepark site. Grid Reference SX 42672 52521.
Millbrook Skatepark Project next steps: To agree next steps, to timescales and project delivery.