The cemetery in Millbrook Parish is split into two sections:

The closed graveyard

Cornwall Council manage the closed area. The Friends of Millbrook Graveyard, a community volunteer group, have been working in partnership with CORMAC Environment, and Living Churchyards for the enhancement, protection, conservation and maintenance of the closed graveyard.

In addition to this, a local community group, 'The Friends of The Chapel of Rest', have recently purchased the Chapel, with the intention to conserve it and have it once again facilitate the local area by being a Heritage and Education Centre.

The new graveyard

Millbrook Parish Council owned and managing the new section.
Millbrook Parish Council Cemetery regulations

Millbrook Parish Council - new section burial map


Local Funeral directors

(Notice of Interment form can be found at the bottom of this page or by clicking the following link.)

Within the local area we have well established funeral directors:

Millbrook Parish Council Graveyard fees:

Fees for Residents (falling under category 4.4 our the Cemetery Regulations):
Burial  fees - £550.00 per plot
Exclusive Right of burial fees - £137.50 per person
Interment of ashes in a grave - £137.50
Name plate on a grave - £82.50
Additional inscription - £82.50
Headstone on a grave - £82.50
Kerb around a grave - £82.50

Fees for Non residents
Burial  fees - £600.00 per plot
Exclusive Right of burial fees - £150.00 per person
Interment of ashes in a grave - £150.00
Name plate on a grave - £100.00
Additional inscription - £100.00
Headstone on a grave - £100.00
Kerb around a grave - £100.00

Reservation of plots / Sale of Exclusive Right of Burial

To reserve a burial plot please scroll down to the bottom of this page and complete the relevant form.

The plot reservation and Exclusive Right of Burial Fee = £137.50
On receipt of the payment and relevant paperwork an Exclusive right of burial for a period of 75 years will be issued.

The terms of purchase are detailed below:

  1. The scale of fees will be approved by the Council on a periodic basis and will be available from the Parish Clerk.
  2. Where the Exclusive Rights of a grave are purchased, it gives the owner the right to determine the future interments within the grave and to place a memorial upon the grave.
  3. At a later date, it is often the case that the owner of the Exclusive Rights is interred within that grave. Where there are no executors, or beneficiaries of a will, the rules of intestacy apply, as laid down in the Administration of Estates Act 1925. This would transfer the rights to a spouse, children, sibling, parents etc.
  4. The issue of a Grant does not convey ownership of the land. This remains in the ownership of the Parish Council.
  5. Purchased graves are subject to cemetery regulations.
  6. Any changes to the Exclusive Right of Burial (Deed of Grant) - e.g. change of name, change of address, change of ownership, shall be advised to The Clerk of the Parish Council.
  7. Memorials may be erected subject to the Council’s prior written approval, normally arranged by the monumental masons. No memorial shall have any advertising and any erected without the Council’s prior approval will be removed.
  8. The Council is not responsible for any damage to monuments or gravestones. The Council reserves the right to lower headstone plinths to ground level when, in the Council’s opinion, such headstone is unsightly due to incorrect placements

Following the purchase, the Council will issue a Deed of Grant to the owner of the Burial Rights.

This is an important document and should be kept in a safe place as it will be required to be produced at the time of a burial and in support of an application for the erection of a memorial.

Memorial tablets

  • Under no circumstances is a memorial tablet as enumerated in these Regulations to be brought into, or removed from, the Burial Ground without the express permission of the Parish Council.
  • Details all proposed memorials and inscriptions must be submitted to Millbrook Parish Council for approval and all appropriate fees paid, prior to any works being undertaken on site.
  • Applications will usually be submitted by an accredited Memorial Mason and should include measurements of the memorial.
  • All stonemasons need to be accredited by either NAMM or RQMF (BRAMM).
  • The responsibility for the safety and upkeep, including repairs to any gravestone or memorial remains solely with the owner(s) of the grave or their successor(s) in title and the Council recommends that grave owners obtain a guarantee from the Memorial Mason for all work they carry out and arrange for the Memorial Mason to check the memorial for defects every 5 years.
  • Repairs to memorials are to be carried out by an accredited Memorial Mason.
  • An application for permission to carry out repairs should be submitted to Millbrook Parish Council.
  • The Parish Council does not accept any liability in the event of the memorial being vandalised.
  • Pursuant to the Local Authorities Cemeteries Order 1977 the Parish Council reserves the right to remove any unauthorised memorial. Any unauthorised work is undertaken at the persons own risk.

Below you'll find two forms; one to request a Grave Space, and the other to a Notice of Interment

Right of Burial Grant

A form for the application for grant of right of burial in a grave space.

Notice of Interment

A form for the Notice of interment for Millbrook Cemetery.