Local Plans

Add overview about local plans, what they are and why we need them.

Millbrook Village Plan

The last Millbrook Village Plan was adopted by Millbrook Parish Council in 2003.

More about what a Village Plan is can be found on the Village Plan page.

Neighbourhood Development Plan

The Rame Peninsula Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) is an up and coming planning document which once approved, will steer planning decisions within the area.

More informaton can be found on the Neighbourhood Plan page.

MB-010-ambulanceEmergency Plan

Responding to Cornwall Council guidelines for a Parish Emergency Plan, Millbrook Parish Council has put together a detailed plan for the parish.

Should the worst happen

This plan details lines of responsibiliy and communication that need to be put in place and informs members of the community what they should do if the emergency services have not yet arrived.

You can find out more on the Emergency Plan page – Public.

Members of the community directly involved in putting the Emergency Plan into action can login securely using this link to obtain contact information for key personnel – address, phone, mobile, email etc.  You will need to verify your secure information to access this information.