Full Parish Council meeting


January 16th 2024


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

1. Apologies for absence
2. Declarations of gifts and declaration of interest on any agenda item
3. Dispensation – To consider any requests for dispensations relating to agenda items.
4. Cornwall Councillor report / update and Public Forum

5. Chair’s Announcements
6. Approval of the minutes from previous meeting:
6.1 Minutes of the last full Parish Council meeting: To approve the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 21st November 2023.
6.2 Minutes of the last Planning Committee meeting: To approve the minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on Friday 15th December 2023.
6.3 Minutes of the last Finance Committee meeting: To approve the minutes of the Finance Committee meeting held on 12th December 2023.
7. Matters / Actions arising since the last meeting
7.1 CCTV: To consider the quotation for the security box (see minute 118, 21/11/2023) and approve the fees for electrician to install the sockets in the security box. (Details received after receipt of the initial quote).
7.2 Soil testing analysis: Update on appointed contractor for the soil testing in the recreation field (see minute 123.4, 21/11/23).
8. Finance
8.1 Unity Trust bank balance (main account): To note the Council’s Unity Trust current account bank (update to be provided in the meeting)
8.2. Unity Trust savings account (skatepark account). To note the balance in the Unity Trust account for the skatepark funds.
8.3 Council’s savings account balance: To note the balance in the Nationwide Building Society Account as at 31st December 2023
8.4. CCLA Investment Management Fund: To note the December 2023 statement detailing £50,000 in the Public Sector Deposit Fund. (Interest has been transferred to the Unity Trust account).
8.5 Bank reconciliation: To note the bank reconciliation reports for (i) November 2023 and (ii) December 2023
8.6. Monthly payments: To note payments made since the last meeting and to approve the payments as presented by the Clerk, included in the list below, and any additional payments presented in the meeting, which can be submitted for approval at the discretion of the Chair.
(Where applicable, amounts include V.A.T).
8.7 To receive the reports produced by the Clerk / RFO, submitted to the Finance Committee and to consider the Finance Committees’ recommendations:
(i) 2023-24 budget report: To note the actions following a review of the budget report showing actual spends and forecasted receipts and payments for December 2023 to March 2024.
(ii) Budget for 2024-25: To approve the budget as presented in the appendix of the Finance Committee meeting minutes from 12th December 2023.
(iii) Precept submission for 2024-25: To approve the precept submission of £118,740, as recommended by the Finance Committee.
(iv) Appointment of Millbrook Parish Council’s Internal Auditor: To approve the Finance Committee’s recommendation of the re-appointment of Julie Snooks as the Parish Council’s Internal Auditor, with anticipated fees of £470.00.
9. Millbrook Skatepark Project
9.1 Maverick Industries Installation: Update from Clerk / Cllr R Mattholie
9.2 Community Ownership Fund: Update on the Outcome of Community Ownership Fund Round 3, Window 2 application.
9.3 Millbrook Skatepark signage: To approve the new sign produced by Maverick Skatepark Industries.
10. Training and development
10.1 Play Safety inspection: To approve costs for the attendance fee of £300 for Play Safety clients plus reimbursement of mileage, for the Assistant Caretaker to attend a RoSPA course in Exeter.
10.2 Parish Councillor training: Update on recent training.
11. Policies and procedures
11.1 Anti-Fraud and Corruption policy: To review and consider adoption of the SLCC model Anti-Fraud and Corruption policy.
11.2 Environment and Climate Change: Review the Council’s Climate and Environment policy.
11.3 Lone Worker policy: Review the Parish Council’s Lone Worker policy.
11.4 Publication Scheme: Review the Council’s Publications Scheme.
12. Climate and Environment
12.1 EV Charging Point: To receive the proposal from Pod Point for additional charging points and to agree next steps – update from Cllr Mattholie
12.2 Climate and Environment Working Group: Update from Cllr S Woffenden
13. Updates / reports from Parish Councillor representatives / Council Officers
13.1 Millbrook Village Hall Management Committee: See minutes from meeting / update from Cllr Lewis
13.2 Affordable Housing provision and needs on the Rame Peninsula: Update Cllr Roberts / S Woffenden / G Renshaw.
13.4 Cornwall Council / Cormac: Traffic & Transport and Hounster Hill Feasibility Study option
14. Correspondence and matters to note (for information only)


    • Local Government Bulletins
  • Rural Bulletins
  • GWR strike update – major disruption this Sunday 3 December
  • Cornwall Council, Localism – Press release re success of Tamar Bridge ‘rockers’ trial
  • Cornwall Council, Localism – East Cornwall Health Hub presentation
  • Cornwall Council, Community Link Officer: Infra23-062 St John’s Rd, Millbrook – Consultation Response
  • Cornwall Council, Community Link Officer: Time 2 Move holiday programme.
  • Cornwall Council, Community Link Officer: Press release on Joint Committee’s decision on funding the Tamar Bridge and Torpoint Ferry
  • Cornwall Council, Finance Business Analyst – Local government finance policy statement 2024 to 2025.  Town and Parish Councils will not be subject to any Council Tax referendum principles for 2024/25. However, “the government will review the decisions taken by these authorities when considering referendum principles in future years”.
  • Cornwall Council: Have your say on the future of electric vehicle charging in Cornwall
  • Cornwall Council, Standards / Economic Growth & Development – Response relating to Traffic funding complaint “I can confirm Hounster Hill is regularly added to Local Transport Plan (LTP) funding nomination lists.  The LTP 2023-25 Minor Highway Improvement Programme received over 90 nominations (including Hounster Hill), but unfortunately the funding could only afford to deliver 13 schemes.  These nominations were assessed/prioritised in accordance with our Local Transport Plan aims/objectives (promotion of active travel/public services) and deliverability.  To be clear, this is a Cornwall Council responsibility, not Cormac’s.  Cornwall Council commissions Cormac accordingly.
    We have however allocated funding to review the wig wag option next financial year, which hopefully is welcomed news.  We’ll be in touch with Cllr Ewert and the Parish Council in due course.”
  • Cornwall Council: Message from Cornwall Council’s resettlement service
  • Cornwall Council – Planning and Housing Services: Planning fees update and planning consultation responses – December 2023
  • Cornwall Council: Planning fees update and planning consultation responses December 2023
  • Cornwall Council:Forest for Cornwall Winter Newsletter 2023
  • Cornwall Council: Road Closure Order Higher Anderton Road, Millbrook, 8th – 9th January 2024
  • Cornwall Council: Road Closure Order Knill Cross, Higher Anderton Road and Maker Lane, Millbrook, 8th January 2024
  • Cornwall Association of Local Councils: Breakthrough Spring 2024 Training Course Dates
  • Cornwall Association of Local Councils: December Edition of Civility and Respect Newsletter
  • Peninsula Transport: Peninsula Transport Rail Strategy: supporting economic growth and protecting the environment
  • Rame Peninsula Public Transport Users Group: Cuts to Cornish school buses
  • Rame Peninsula Public Transport Users Group: Transport User Voice – December 2023
  • Rame Peninsula Public Transport Users Group: News roundup from the passenger champion, & RPPTUG Update
  • Citizens Advice – Cornwall: Winter Newsletter
  • Peninsula Transport seeks your views – consultation on regional transport strategy launched
  • Peninsula Transport: draft transport strategy consultation – webinar dates
  • Great Western Railway: strike update – major disruption this Sunday 3 December
  • Great Western Railway: Impact on storm Henk
  • Parishioner: Is it possible to refurbish the tennis courts please . They need weeding , mending the nets etc . Maybe they could be multi-purpose and share with basket ball nets , there used to be netball hoops there .

Cornwall Council Online reporting

Cornwall Council Reference W242065824 Reporting of Pothole – Lower Anderton Road
Cornwall Council Reference 101006821443 Reported lentils on pavements in West Street
Cornwall Highways Reference: W232061836

Flooding / Blocked drains –
Newport Street.

We have inspected the reported issue and we have determined that in accordance with our Highway Maintenance Manual it does not require attention at the present time. However, the area is inspected regularly so should there be any significant deterioration then appropriate action will be taken at that time.

15. Future items for the next meeting: To raise matters for future consideration in the next full council, committee or working group meetings