Annual Parish Council Meeting


May 16th 2023


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Millbrook Parish Council Full Council meeting on Tuesday 16th May 2023 at 7:30pm at Millbrook Village Hall in the main hall

Part 1: In accordance with Standing Order 5, the business of the Annual Parish Council meeting shall include:

1. Chair of the Parish Council (Standing order 5e)
a. To elect a Chair of the Parish Council for 2023-24
b. To receive the Chair’s declaration of Acceptance of Office

2. Vice Chair of the Parish Council (Standing order 5e)
a. To elect a Vice Chair of the Parish Council for 2023-24
b. To receive the Vice Chair’s declaration of Acceptance of Office

3. Apologies for absence.

4. Declarations of gifts and declarations of interest on any agenda item.

5. Dispensation: To consider any requests for dispensations relating to agenda items.

6. Public forum and County Councillor report/update.

7. Chair’s Announcements

8. Co-option of Parish Councillors

9. Approval of the minutes from previous meeting (Standing Order 5jii)
a. Minutes of the previous full Parish Council meeting: To approve the minutes of the Full Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 18th April 2023.

10. Policies, procedures and terms of reference (Standing Order 5jv)
a. Current policies and procedures and dates for review: To review the Clerk’s report
b. Terms of reference for committees and working groups: To review the Clerk’s report.
c. Asset and Open Spaces Task Group: To review and approve Terms of Reference
d. Finance Committee: To review and approve the Terms of Reference
e. Staffing Committee: To review and approve the Terms of Reference
f. Code of Conduct: To accept the Code of Conduct.
g. Complaints policy: To review and approve the policy.
h. General privacy notice: To note the Council’s General Privacy notice
i. Data Retention policy: To review and approve the policy .
j. Use of Council land: To review and approve the policy.

11. Delegation arrangements (Standing Order 5jvi)
To review the delegation arrangements to committees, sub-committees, staff and other local authorities.  Clerk’s recommendation: To remove from the Council’s Standing Orders as this is covered under the Council’s Financial Regulations and Terms of Reference for committees and working groups.
12. Members of committees and Working groups (Standing Order 5jvii & 5jviiii)
To appoint members of the following existing committees and working groups as detailed:
a.      Staffing Committee: Appointment of members
b.      Planning Committee: Appointment of members
c.      Finance Committee: Appointment of members
d.      Asset and Open Spaces Task Group: Appointment of members
e.      Traffic & Transport Advisory Task Group: Appointment of members
f.       Christmas & Events Working Group: Appointment of members
g.      New committees and working groups: Appointment of new committees/working groups
13. Parish Council core documents (Standing order 5jxi)
a.      Standing Orders: To note the Council’s Standing Orders

b.      Financial Regulations: To note the Council’s Financial Regulations

14. Review of arrangements (including legal agreements) with other local authorities, not-for-profit bodies and business (Standing Orders 5jx)

15. Review of representation on or work with external bodies and arrangements for reporting back:
a.      Cornwall Gateway Community Area Partnership (CAP): To appoint a Parish Council
         representative (next  meeting 6th June at Eliot Hall, St Germans).
b.      Millbrook Lake Moorings Association: To appoint a Parish Council representative
c.      Millbrook Village Hall Management Committee: To appoint a Parish Council representative.

d.      Cornwall Climate Action Network: To appoint a Parish Council representative.

16. General Power of Competence (Standing Order 5jxii)

During the Parish Council meeting held on 16th November 2021, having confirmed the Council meets the criteria as detailed in the prescribed conditions of section 8(2) of Localism Act 2011, the Council passed a motion to adopt the General Power of Competence (Minute 103).  The Council is required to reaffirm its eligibility to exercise General Power of Competence (i) the number of Councillors elected at the last ordinary election (May 2021), or at its subsequent by-election, equals or exceeds two thirds of its total number of Councillors. (ii) The Parish Clerk holds at least one of the sector specific qualifications and has passed CiLCA.

17. Inventory of land and other assets including buildings and office equipment (Standing Order 5jxiii).
To note the Council’s Asset Register was approved during the Council meeting held on 21st March 2023 and reviewed by the Council’s Internal Auditor.
18. Insurance – Confirmation of arrangements for insurance cover in respect of all insurable risks (Standing Order 5jxiv)
To delegate the review of insurance policy quotations and to delegate the acceptance of the insurance provider to (a) the Finance Committee or (b) the Clerk in consultation with the Chair and Vice Chair of the Council (Note: current policy due for renewal on 1st June 2023)
19. Subscriptions
To note the list of the Council’s and/or staff subscriptions to other bodies.
20. Future meetings (Standing Order 5jxvii)
To determine the time and place or ordinary meetings of the Council up to and including the next annual meeting of the Council.
Part 2: Business of the Ordinary Parish Council meeting
21. Finance
a. Council’s bank balance: To note the Council’s Unity Trust bank balance (to be updated in the Council meeting).
b. Council’s savings account balance: To note the balance in the Nationwide Building Society Account.
c. CCLA Investment Management Fund: To note the April 2023 statement detailing £50,000 in the Public Sector Deposit Fund.
d. Bank reconciliation: To note the bank reconciliation reports for April 2023.
e. Finance report: Update on Internal Audit actions.
f. Monthly payments: To note payments made since the last meeting and to approve the
payments as presented by the Clerk, included in the list below, and any additional payments presented in the meeting, which can be submitted for approval at the discretion of the Chair.
(vi) To approve payments of invoices presented in the meeting received after the agenda has been published.
g. Google subscription
To approve the increase in Google Workspace subscription from £4.60 per user to £6.00 per user.
h. Annual Accounts
(i) External Auditors: To confirm the appointment of BDO LLP as Millbrook Parish Council’s external auditors and to pass a resolution confirming there are no conflicts of interests with BDO LLP.
(ii) Internal Auditor: To receive the Internal Auditor’s professional report, control check list and Annual Internal Audit report for 2022/23 (Page 3 of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2022/23 Form 3)
(iii) Annual Governance Statement 2022-23: To review and approve the Annual Governance Statement (Page 4 of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2022/23 Form 3).
Document to be signed by the Chair of the meeting and Clerk.
(iv) Accounting Statements for 2022/23: To review and approve the Accounting Statements for 2022/23 (Page 5 of the Annual Governance and Accountability Return 2022/23 From 3)
Document to be signed by the Chair of the meeting and Responsible Finance Officer.
(v) Explanation of variance: To approve the explanation of variance report.  To be submitted to the External Auditors.
(vi) Exercise of Public Rights: To agree the arrangements for the exercise of public rights.
Clerk/RFO’s recommended dates.  The dates have to be 30 working days and include the first ten working days in July, with the notice date being at least the day before commencement.  Recommendation: 12th June 2023 to 21st July 2023.
22. Grant funding and community support initiatives
a.      Millbrook Preschool Playgroup: To consider the funding request from Millbrook Preschool
         Playgroup of £1,500 for rent, first aid training and snacks.
b.      Millbrook Village Hall Management Committee: To consider the funding request of £500
         towards the upholstery costs of the Village Hall chairs with fire resistant foam.
c.      King’s Coronation Community Event: To receive a budget report and update on the event.
d.      Millbrook Skatepark Project: Update.
e.      Town Crier: To agree a recruitment process.
23. Car park
To consider approval of the quotation of £740.77 from Flowbird for the maintenance of West Street car park.
24. Public Protection Order
Cornwall Council Public Spaces Protection Order (Alcohol Consumption in Designated Public Spaces): Proposed renewal of the current order for October 2023.  Deferred from April meeting.
25. Correspondence and matters to note (for information only)
    • The Rural Bulletin: Newsletters
    • Cornwall Council: Plym ferry refit press release.
    • ornwall Council: CAPs – Town & Parish Council representatives
    • Cornwall Council: Town & Parish Newsletter
    • Cornwall Council: Community Area Partnerships – Update
    • Cornwall Council:Forest for Cornwall Spring Newsletter
    • Sheviock Parish Clerk: Hypodermic needles on far Western beach (Hoodny Cove) Portwrinkle 
    • Rame Peninsula Public Transport Users Group: Link to their new Facebook page.
    • Permaculture Kernow: meeting with Cormac went well and we will send them a proposal to plant fruit trees at West Park in Autumn 2023. Permaculture Kernow would be happy to manage the existing Lakeside Orchard with the option of extending the orchard ( planting a range of fruit and nut trees in Autumn 2023) into the top part of the field. 
  • Millbrook’s King’s Coronation’Big Lunch’ Community Event: 
  • Rear Admiral Mike Wood CBE JP: I would be grateful if you could pass this message to those members of the Parish Council were involved and to all the others in the community who contributed to Sunday’s event.

It was an outstanding success and everyone involved deserves to be congratulated.

I spoke to numerous people of all ages who were there and without exception they were clearly enjoying themselves and were full of praise for the planning, preparation and delivery of such a comprehensive and inclusive programme of activities.

Many of them have lived in Millbrook longer than our 22 years and commented that this was the largest, best organised and most enjoyable event they had ever attended in the village. They clearly hoped that there would be more to follow in due course.

For me, it was a privilege to have a small part to play so thank you for inviting me.  I remain full of admiration for all that was achieved by such a willing and enthusiastic team.”

  • Member of Public Hand delivered card thanking everyone involved for such a fantastic community event.  
  • Friends of Millbrook Methodist: “Please pass on our thanks to the Parish Council for putting on the Millbrook Coronation Big Lunch and especially thanks to the two of you for all your hard work planning and organising it and making sure things ran well on the day.It was a brilliant occasion which was enjoyed by so many people, we are part of a great community.
    Thank you for letting us have the Millbrook Methodist cake stall, we raised £158 which will be divided between local charities which help people in our community, all the money raised will stay on the Peninsula.
    Thank you again and I hope you can enjoy a well deserved rest”
  • Member of public: We wish to congratulate the Parish Council and the many other organisations and volunteers involved for the exceptional event that took place in Millbrook on the occasion of King Charles lll’s Coronation. Many hundreds of people took part in and enjoyed celebrations that were extremely well organised and very much appreciated by all attendees we spoke to and saw. We belong to the generation that have clear memories of the 1953 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth ll and our generation perhaps constituted 10-15% of the attendees. The legacy of your event is that it has provided for the so many people younger than us their own memory of a community coming together to enjoy a historic constitutional occasion.
26. Future items for agenda: To raise matters for future consideration in full council, committee or working group meetings.