Full Council Meeting – Postponed


September 20th 2022


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Due to the passing of Queen Elisabeth II, in line with legislation and the prococols of Operation London bridge, the Parish Council meeting scheduled for 20th September 2022 has been postponed.

Local Government Act 1972 (legislation.gov.uk) (2)Three clear days at least before a meeting of a principal council [F6in Wales [F7or, if the meeting is convened at shorter notice, then at the time it is convened ]] —

(a)notice [F8of the intended meeting containing the information required by sub-paragraph (2A) must be published electronically], and where the meeting is called by members of the council the notice shall [F9set out the names of] those members and shall specify the business proposed to be transacted thereat; and

Local Government Act 1972 (legislation.gov.uk)

243Computation of time and timing of elections, etc.

(1)Where the day or the last day on which anything is required or permitted to be done by or by virtue of any provision to which this subsection applies is a Sunday, day of the Christmas break, of the Easter break or of a bank holiday break or a day appointed for public thanksgiving or mourning, the requirement or permission shall be deemed to relate to the first day thereafter which is not one of the days specified above