Would you consider using an Electric Vehicle?

Nov 25, 2021 | Community News, Council News

As we strive to de-carbonise there will be a rapid transition to Electric Vehicles (EVs) over the next 10-15 years.  Whilst EVs may be a natural choice for those who can install chargers at home the lack of public charging infrastructure is seen as a blocker for many.  However, Millbrook Parish Council have the opportunity to apply for some grant funding (75% grant funded) to cover installation of public EV charge points across the village.
Before proceeding we’re keen to gather as many thoughts as possible from within the community so would appreciate your thoughts on the following:
  1.  Do you support the Parish Council applying for this grant funding to cover communal charge points?
  2.  Would provision of communal charge points encourage you to consider purchase of EV?
  3.  We are currently considering installations in both the Village Hall and / or West Street Car Park locations.  Do you have any strong views on either location?  Can you suggest any other locations for consideration?


  1. Linda Dunstone

    I fully support the parish council applying for funding for electric car points in Millbrook. I would also be interested in electric car sharing as only need a car for a couple of days a week.

  2. Ann Lewis

    Definitely in favour of the council applying for this funding and putting charging points both places (West St best of the 2 due to better access). Im currently looking for an ev & public charging points become harder to find away from busier parts of the country so this has to happen. It will boost local shops & services & is important for tourism too.
    Shared electric bikes hub would be so well used.

  3. Pauline Turpitt

    Currently have one and am very happy with it. However, I am fortunate enough to be able to charge it at home and I don’t do long distances. If adequate charging facilities were available I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending going electric.

  4. Joe Smale

    We would support public use EV charging points as no access at home address

    Definitely a step in the right direction

  5. Jan Ryder

    I would definitely support having charging points in the village, it will be good to be ahead of the game as electric cars are the way the government want everyone to go.
    Jim Woffenden’s idea sounds like it would be well worth exploring too.

  6. Jo R

    I fully support the parish council applying for grant funding to supply our village with EV charging points. Both car parks seem sensible options for future locations.

    • Frances Brennan

      Yes, I support the council’s bid for funding EV charging.
      I would consider an electric vehicle when I replace my current car.

  7. David Tetley

    Completely in favour. Our next car will probably be electric

  8. Louise

    Yes, this would be a great asset for the village. Jim’s car share scheme is a great idea, I am guessing it would be short term loans… I am sure that there are many people in the village that maintain and retain vehicles for a once a month trip, where they need a car, for boot space etc.., who would use a bus or walk the rest of the time. Great idea

  9. Caroline Allen

    Yes I would fully support this.

    • Brendan Staniforth

      I support this.

  10. Kate Tennyson

    I support installation of public charging points,essential I would think for people considering ‘going electric’.
    I wouldn’t be able to afford to buy a new car personally but think Jim Woffendens ideas of a community car scheme has a lot of merit and something I would be very keen on.

    • Dale Moorey

      I would be very supportive in the move for EV charge points in the village.

      As it Looks like EV is the way things are moving towards,forward thinking and planning needs to be looked at for Community charging points in a village that offers little parking outside peoples own homes.

      Unfortunately I had to turn down the option of an EV company van due to the inability currently to charge at our house or village overnight.

  11. Daniel Mattholie

    In full support of EV charging within the village.

  12. Ryan Penter

    I’d absolutely be in support of an application for funding. As the father of a family of five I still many reservations about switching to electric, but local charging would be a huge step in the right direction.

  13. Chris Puttick

    One of the main barriers to us getting an EV car is the inability to charge at our house so I would whole heartedly support the move for EV charge points in the village.
    Hopefully, if successful there would be an opportunity to have a say on final location at some point down the line, however either of the two suggested locations seem sensible choices.

  14. Jim Woffenden

    I am very supportive of this. In addition, a car club EV would I believe see good use in Millbrook and give more people the opportunity to not own car, or give up second car. Plymouth City Council is implementing a network of “mobility hubs” – EVs and/e bikes across the city. There may be the opportunity to encourage the same provider to extend network to Millbrook. I can provide further details and contacts.

  15. Chris G

    Yes. I am very keen to move towards an electric vehicle. Taking away barriers such as charging point access makes these decisions easier. Our car parks are largely for those without parking spaces and as such are perfect places for EV charging points.

  16. Steve Watson

    I am in support of the application for funding. It is important that the infrastructure is in place to support an increase in EVs. West street & the village hall car parks seem like the most sensible places in Millbrook to install charging points.

  17. Mary Mattholie

    Strongly support EV charging points in Millbrook which would be essential for uptake of EV.West street car park has better access.Charging points need to be easy to use i.e simple card swipe rather than an app.

  18. Lucy scales

    We would be very keen to get an electric vehicle. However, as we live on the road with no off street parking this is currently impossible for us.
    Having a communal charging point would enable us to ditch the diesel and go electric.

    • Aaron

      1. This is a great idea and I think the council should go for it.
      2. I don’t think it’ll encourage me to buy an electric vehicle as I’m still concerned about the limits to the range. We are a one car family and long journeys in an EV mean lots of charging stops.
      3. As for location, both suggestions seem sensible.

  19. Ben Fourniss

    In favour of installing public charging points

    • Sylvie Gomez

      I would love to have an electric car and would only be unable to charge it at home so would need charging points in the village. There was once talk of them being put on lamp posts. Is this feasible?


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