West Street car park – parking consultation

Feb 3, 2023 | Community News, Council News

Please respond to the following questions:

  • By commenting on this page
  • Sending an email to admin@millbrook-pc.gov.uk
  • Popping into the Parish Council Office in the village hall and completing a paper copy
  • Attending the Millbrook Meet up sessions in the Village Hall on a Friday morning.


  1. Do you regularly use the car park in West Street (once a week or more)?
  2. Do you mainly use the car park to access the shops?
  3. Do you mainly use the car park for residential / overnight parking?
  4. Do you regularly find that there is lack of sufficient space in the car park during the day?
  5. Do you regularly find that there is a lack of sufficient space in the car park after 6pm?
  6. Is the parking space availability worse in the summer months?
  7. Do you think Millborook Parish Council should increase long stay car parking fees in line with Kingsand / Cawsand during the summer months for visitors?
  8. Do you thinking creating more parking spaces using the green space surrounding the car park is a good solution?
  9. Are you a West Street car park permit holder?
  10. Do you have any further feedback that you would like to share with us?



  1. Roger Bews

    Keep the bargain I hour (but who keeps 10 now) at £i I use it
    Overnight parking should be much steeper for campers
    ang commercial vehicles – mini-coaches, tractors etc also high
    and limit non–permit holders to 2 or 3 hours jumping higher for say 3 or 6 for serious walkers to try to keep more spaces in the day
    And why is the Hall car park free ? I can rarely park there after 5
    Roger Bews


  2. Karenza Heald

    Comments received during Millbrook Meet up sessions winter 2022:

    Would you be support of an increase for longer stay car park fees in West Street car park?
    Yes / No. For incomes / holiday makers but local fees should be minimal.
    No Could locals be given a pass allowing them two hours free.
    Yes Only for over 5 hours stay. Short stay should remain affordable for all.
    No fee That land was given to the community so it should be free! to Millbrookers!
    No It should be free for residents!
    No I think 10p for 1 hours is bargain and very happy with the prices.
    No Free for one hour then charge.

    Things cost to maintain – they just do BUT if you escalate the charges you force the usage over to those with money – the car park space is vital to all – let it remain so – for all. Keep costs low.

    Give the car park fully back to the People of Rame.

    I think there should be one price fits all (£2.50) for over one hour (1st hour free). We need to charge minimal but we do need to charge and the money made should be specifically for the maintenance of only the said car park. Max £2.50 every day all day.

  3. Julie Elworthy

    Limit street parking in west street to 60 minutes between 9 and 5 Monday to Friday that will enable people to access the shops easier to shop . Camper vans should pay more to park overnight in the car parks it’s not a caravan park . I use the car park rarely as I cycle to the shops but I see the frustration for people who want to shop and can’t find a parking space nearby . The 10 p for an hour has helped on the occasion I have had to use the car park . Please try not to increase the day to day usage as we need to encourage more people into our village to support our shops .

  4. Kym Hewlings

    I use the car park at least 2 times a week and pay for parking. There are always spaces available unless contractors are working on the stream barrier, working on the co-op refurbishment or installing charging points.

    There are usually 2 local motorhome/bus vehicles parked. Visiting motorhomes park for a short period of time to access the shops and stock up on provisions.

    Occasional a delivery lorry has parked for about 15 minutes to trolley down deliveries for the shops as cars are parked in the loading bay and they have not wanted to block the traffic in the street.

    In the evenings the car park fills up for overnight parking with local residents returning from work.

  5. Melanie Eggleton

    Parking is difficult after 6pm and Blue Badge holder space is limitted. As a West Street resident, with a car park permit and a blue badge, I have had to park by the lake a few times.

  6. Karenza Heald

    Comments received during Millbrook Meet up sessions on Friday mornings:

    Restrict the use of the car park to prevent tractors or lorries using overnight. It is also being used as a very cheap parking over-winter for campervans and motorhomes – which can normally be overwintered elsewhere at a much larger fee. Charge a similar fee for these vehicles.

    Availability should be limited to low emission cars only.

    It is so difficult in that you want to shop in the village but elsewhere to park your car is impossible. Therefore, you are limited to a small shop and carry it home. Shopping trolleys are ok but not my thing.


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