Street cleansing

Jul 19, 2021 | Community News, Council News

Information relating to Street cleansing

Millbrook is a Zone 2 location, therefore cleansed on a 6 – 8 weekly schedule, however if any location falls below Grade B in respect of litter and detritus between the scheduled cleanse this can be reported on 0300 1234 141 or by e-mailing , Biffa will inspect and if below Grade B will cleanse to Grade A within 24 hours.  Please see times relating to cleansing frequencies and response times below.


Zone 1         Daily                                         ½ day

Zone 2         6/8 weeks                               24 hours

Zone 3         6 monthly                               14 days

For litter and refuse

Grade A: No litter or refuse

Grade B: Predominately free of litter and refuse apart from some small items

Grade C: Widespread distribution of litter and/or refuse with some minor accumulations

Grade D: Heavily affected by litter and/or refuse with significant accumulations

For detritus (to be removed on metalled highways and recommended to be removed on all hard surfaces):

Grade A: No detritus

Grade B: Predominately free of detritus except for some light scattering

Grade C: Widespread distribution of detritus with minor accumulations

Grade D: Heavily affected by detritus with significant accumulations


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