Policy and terms of reference documents

Current policies / Terms of References and information relating to review dates (working document)

MPC Asset & Open Spaces Task Group Terms of Referenceadopted 15/06/2021
MPC Finance Committee Terms of Referencereviewed 17/11/2020
MPC Planning Committee Terms of Referenceto be reviewed
MPC Staffing Committee Terms of Reference –  reviewed by staffing committee Aug 2021 – to be put forward to full council 18/01/2022
MPC Traffic & Transport Advisory Task Group Terms of ReferenceReviewed 16/02/2021
MPC Code of Conductreviewed 18/05/2021 (Annual Parish Council meeting)
MPC Complaints policy – adopted  November 2021 – reviewed 18/05/2021
MPC Disciplinary policy – to be adopted (NALC Model template)
MPC Environment & Climate Change  adopted 20/09/2020
MPC Equal Opportunities policyreviewed 20/09/2020
MPC General public privacy noticereviewed 18/05/2021 (Annual Parish Council meeting)
MPC Grievance policy   –  adopted January 2018,  to be reviewed Staffing Committee meeting 06/01/2022.
MPC Health & Safety policy
MPC Lone worker policy to be reviewed during the Staffing committee meeting on 06/01/2022
MPC Media policyadopted 18/05/2021
MPC Publication Scheme Reviewedreviewed 18/05/2021 (Annual Parish Council meeting)
MPC Retention policy – to be adopted (SLCC Model template)
MPC Sickness & Absence policy – to be adopted / reviewed by the Staffing Committee during the meeting on 06/01/2022
MPC Training & Development policyrecommended changing during Staffing Committee meeting held on 17/08/2021.  To be included on FC agenda for January 2022.
(i)  4. Remove the word ‘for’ after mandatory
(ii) 4. Amend to… Code of Conduct mandatory within the first six months of office and reviewed every two years.
(ii) 6. Amend from publication ‘on’ books to ‘publication / books.’
(iv)9 Remove reference to ‘Institute of Council Management’ meeting.